Review: NYX Round Lipsticks (Lip Smacking Fun Colors)

A few months ago, I did some major online shopping. One of my online stops was Digital Traincase. I pre-ordered four shades of the quite popular NYX Round Lipsticks.

I spent hours choosing which shades to get because there were A LOT of choices! I ended up with these four.

Syclia, Tea Rose, Hope and Eros. 

I'll try to keep this post from being too wordy. There are already loads of reviews of the NYX Round Lipsticks, anyway :)

L-R: Syclia, Tea Rose, Hope, Eros


With just one swipe for each
Syclia - deep orange-brown shade
Tea Rose - light-medium pink shade (one of the most popular shades)
Hope - deep berry shade with a hint of plum
Eros - warm red shade

On my lips...

Here are some photos of me wearing the shades.

Tea Rose
Eros (over Ever Bilena matte lipstick in Siennas)

Hope is my fave among the four! Gorgeous shade! Tea Rose is a close second. It's perfect for everyday. Those two are the ones I reach out for most often. I bought Syclia because I thought it was a pretty interesting and unique shade. I like lipstick shades that have hints of brown in them! It's like a copper shade without a metallic sheen. Eros isn't really the perfect red for me. I need to layer it over another red to get the redness that I'm looking for. 

Thumbs up:
  • Wide selection of shades
  • Creamy texture that glides smoothly on the lips
  • Great pigmentation 
  • Not drying
  • No pungent smell - Some of the shades are scented, though (like Tea Rose and Syclia). The perfume-y scent doesn't really bother me. I noticed that Tea Rose had the strongest scent and that Hope and Eros were scent-free.
  • Nice packaging - Has a swatch cap for easier shade ID
  • Affordable - Priced at P120 (pre-ordered from Digital Traincase)

Thumbs down:
  • Not long-wearing - The lighter shades fade almost completely after eating and drinking but the darker ones leave a stain.
  • Availability (for those not used to shopping online) - NYX products aren't available in department stores here in the Philippines but they are available online. There are a lot of online stores that carry NYX Round Lipsticks. I ordered from Digital Traincase and got my order on time :)

The next ones in my NYX to-buy list are the matte lipsticks. Hihi. Oh, and the lip creams too!

That's it for my short review! Have you tried NYX's Round Lipsticks? Which shade is your fave? :)


  1. Lovely shades! I like Tea Rose and Syclia! :)
    Can you do a tutorial on how you shoot products? It's amazing! :)

  2. Syclia is so nice on you :) I actually love lipsticks with a little brown in them. It's unique and universally flattering =D

  3. Nice selection and variety colours you chose. NYX has so many shades that it's hard for me to pick sometimes. I think tea rose looks great against your skin tone and my favorite on you.

  4. Tea Rose is actually one of my faves too :D but i still dont like Nyx lipsticks because they dont stay on for a long time

  5. Been overusing that shade! Haha. Yeah I noticed that too :( Too bad coz the shades are nice naman. Have you tried the matte lipsticks? :)

  6. Right? I spent hours looking at the swatches and deciding which ones to get. haha. I like Tea Rose! It goes with everything. Perfect for everyday :D

  7. Interesting shade, right? I do like hints of brown in my lipsticks too! Thank you :D

  8. Tea Rose is a very lovable shade, no? Aww thank you, Clarisse! I just use a Canon Powershot cam. Not fancy at all. Dinadaan lang sa lighting and Picasa. Hahaha I'll try to post about that on my other blog :D

  9. Picasa? Is that a photo editing software? Anyway, I didn't know you do have other blog!! What's the link? :)

  10. Ang mura na ng NYX Round L/S dati nasa 160+ isa. Fig, Stawberry milk, honey and baby pink are some na na try ko before. Love the eros kasi red. hehehe

  11. Hope is such a pretty color! Bagay sayo rin :) I might get that when I see it around!

    The Misty Mom

  12. Yes, it is. I use it to crop my photos and fix the lighting and stuff (aside from Photoshop). Yeah, my other blog... my personal blog is on Tumblr :) It's :)

  13. Oo nga eh! Lalo na pag pre-order. Parang gusto ko rin i-try ang Fig. And Thalia :D

  14. I have 15 shades of NYX RL, but parang I want Hope pa. :) Off-topic but your cheekbones are pretty! :)

    xx, Kim
    Kimpossibly Gorgeous

  15. Beautiful shades <3 They look gorgeous on you Aya!!

  16. Thank you! They are beautiful! I just wish they were long-wearing. Then they'd be perfect :)

  17. Ganda ng Hope no? Haha thanks, Kim! :D

  18. I'm sooo eyeing on tea rose and hope! ^_^ All of the shade looks great on you girl! I'm glad that I finally got to meet you already! Make a videos on youtube already! ^_^



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  19. great post dear!! :)
    anyway, i hope you can join my blog's giveaway series if you haven't yet pretty and win awesome prices!

    Rae :3

  20. Tea Rose look soooo nice!!!! It's that perfect first date shade that i wanna wear everyday! hahahaha :D I have some NYX Round Lipsticks too and agree with you. Not very long wearing but I like the creamy texture. Also, they have a taste to them that I don't really like but never mind coz the color pay off is great :)

  21. They all look good on you, Aya. I love "Hope" bec I think that kind of shade would look good on me. lol

  22. I have one NYX Round Lipstick and I have to agree that it's not long lasting. I love how bright and pretty it looks when you first apply it, but it really does not last long. Well anyway, it's affordable so I guess we just get our money's worth. :P

  23. I love NYX ever since <3 at yung pinaka favorite ko is the Tea rose. Ang ganda and natural kase ng shade :D

    P.S. So pretty Aya! :)

  24. Ahhh NYX lippies ♥ I wanna try the tea rose shade!! :D Thanks for sharing about these, Aya! :) :) See you soon!

  25. So true! Perfect for everyday. It goes with everything :D

    Thank you, Rhea! So nice to meet you last Sat! You're so pretty :D

  26. True. If they were long-lasting, they'd be perfect. haha

  27. Di ba? They're like perfumed lipsticks. Haha. And I like that they're so easy to apply coz of the texture :D

  28. I don't own any NYX lipstick yet and I probably would have if they are available in department stores.hahaha. NYX should really do something about that. I'll probably jump into the bandwagon next year. Hope is also my favorite among the shades you picked. It's the perfect berry color for fall (as if.haha). It looks pretty wearable too. It's something I'd want to wear pag.umuulan.

  29. Yeah! It's very fall-ish. Kunwari meron dito sa Pilipinas. Hahaha! :D

  30. I adore these colors! They all look great on you. x

    <3 Melissa

  31. Wow the lipsticks look promising. I love NYX too! :D affordable compared to others.

    Ps. Followed you dear via GFC :)



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