Haul: Only Skin

A couple of months ago, I ordered a few stuff from the Only Skin website. Only Skin is the company behind Miss Kat Soap (face and body bar) and Bare Naturals (makeup and skin care). Click *here* to read my posts about some Miss Kat Soap bars :)

I just ordered two items but received samples of two of their face and body bars too. Here's my haul.

Miss Kat Soap Pore Shrinker Vegetable Bar - P99
Bare Naturals Face Perfector Concealer in Bisque Camouflage - P158
Miss Kat Soap Egyptian 24K Gold Face and Body Bar sample
Miss Kat Soap 3-in-1 Facial Bar sample

The Pore Shrinker (with lemon grass and apricot scrub) reminds me so much of the Miss Kat Soap AM Face and Body Bar

Maybe because they're both yellow and they both have scrub beads?

I bought this because it claimed to be the solution for oily skin and large pores. Hmmm. Let's see :) 

I noticed, though, that my soap arrived without the label like the one in *this* picture. But it's not a big deal, really. I just think it would've looked better with the paper label.

Because I didn't want to waste the shipping fee on only one item, I decided to get another thing, this time from Bare Naturals.

I had already tried Miss Kat Soap products before but this one's my first from Bare Naturals. I got this because I'd been wanting to buy a similar concealer stick from another brand. Decided to get this one instead to save on shipping.

It does the job but it's got that old makeup smell. Haha. 

And that's it for my quick Monday post. I realized I still hadn't posted about the soaps from the Miss Kat Soap trial pack that I got yet. I will soon :)

Have a nice week! :)


  1. I'd love to see a review on the products soon! ^_^



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  2. the soaps look so adorable and i'm interested with the concealer. takpan na lang ang ilong kapag ginagamit. lol

  3. interested with the concealer. tried BN soaps before yung no break out to make up and I forgot yung isang name. Sayang kasi I tried it before I started blogging. Gusto sana i review.

  4. Ayaw mo na gamitin ulit? :) I'm testing the concealer pa. Parang nagka-pimples ako sa cheek and chin area nung ginamit ko siya eh, so will test pa kung yun talaga yung nagcause.

  5. Hahaha I'll try to post a review :)

  6. Parang gusto ko ulit gumamit ng Bare Naturals soap not just to review para din di maimmune yung skin ko masyado sa Snoe. May tendency kasi ako maging ganun, pag long term use naiimune na. Kaya lang problem ko naman is yung risk ulit, baka di na ko hiyang if ever gagamit ako ulit nun. Saka ang dami din kasi pagpipiliian sa Bare Naturals. The last time na nag visit ako sa site meron na silang micro peeling bar saka yung blue something bar.

  7. how was the soap? I'm planning to buy because I really have an oily face :'(


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