Haul: For the Nailsss!

Hello, hello, hello! I got a few nail stuff the other day! I feel like it's been so long since my last nail-related haul. Anyway, here are the stuff that I got.

Nail wheels - P19.95 each
Tony Moly Party Lover Nail Enamel Remover - P128
Tony Moly gradient nail sponges - P48
Tony Moly lace nail stickers - P58

Before meeting up with Eyah and Kat at Megamall and heading to ATC for the Tony Moly branch opening and product launch, I dropped by Landmark Trinoma. I saw these nail wheels at the nail tools section.
Only P20 each??? I saw these and immediately thought of *this* nail wheel that I got for P60(!) during a bazaar last year. Proud na proud pa ako na may nakita akong nail wheel na P60 lang, tapos P20 lang pala sa Landmark! Ripped off, much? Anyway. I threw that old nail wheel away just recently because it looked overused already - bungi-bungi na siya (*here's the proof*) - and also because I was too lazy to remove all the glitter I put on there. Hihi. I bought two na this time.

The other items, I got at Tony Moly's ATC branch. I didn't plan on getting anything there that day, but when I saw the sponges and the nail polish remover, I suddenly remembered I had just run out of those.

New sponges for gradient-ing! Yey. I used to buy my nail sponges at Saizen - three nail sponges with a handle for P85. These ones from Tony Moly are way cheaper. There are 10 sponges pa. No handle, though. But I can manage without one.

This nail polish remover smells like grapes!

Also got these lace nail stickers. 

I like the idea that I can cut them into different lengths based on the design I'm going for :)

My shopping buddy that day, Eyah (who also got some nail stuff), and I were busy swatching nail polishes, lipsticks and more while Kath was getting a makeover. We combined our purchases so we could reach the amount needed to get a membership card. 

Thanks, Eyah, for not using your card so I could get mine. Hihihi :)

And that's it for my mini haul! I'll be posting about Tony Moly's new product line soon. Hope you watch out for that. For now, I'll leave you with a photo of the newly-opened Tony Moly boutique at Alabang Town Center.
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  1. Weeeh.. Welcome Aya. :) Akala mo ikaw lang walang plano mag haul nun? ako din wala! nacurious ako sa gradient nail mo kasi! B.I. kaaaaa! hhihihi.. Pero exctied na ko ma chip off yung nail polish ko para makapagradient nails na ko.. hahaha! :)

  2. katrina maryse villanuevaNovember 28, 2012 at 6:36 PM

    lovely haul dear.




  3. Ganda naman niyan! Mura lang din...Im going to buy one.


  4. Which one? The nail wheels are a must if you're into nail art. And the sponges :)

  5. Hahaha! Let me know pag nakagradient ka na. Super dali na lang niyan with sponges :D

  6. I want that nail stickers hahaha XD

  7. I want the gradient. Will drop by at Tony Moly later for sure! :) Ang dami talagang "cheap" finds sa Landmark! Loveeeet! :))

  8. i also have the international member tony moly and try to use there one time, but unfortunately they didnt accept it :( should be acceptable in the show room cannot in watsons

  9. Neve tried the fake nails plus the sponge and all. Haha can't wait for a step by step post :)

  10. Yah, the membership card is only accepted in the boutiques and not in department stores. Same with the Etude House pink membership card.

  11. The nail wheel, I use for swatching nail polishes and practicing nail art. It's very useful for me. I have a tutorial on how to create gradient nails using sponges. Here's the link: :)

  12. True!!! I'll go there tomorrow. Will buy brushes for my giveaway :)

  13. :) It was nice to meet you Aya! I'm so glad you guys were able to come. Nagpanic ako nung nagchange yung event date

  14. Hi, Ms. Angel! Thank you so much for the invitation! :D My post about the launch will be up this week :)

    Ako naman natuwa dahil di ako dapat makakapunta sa first scheduled date. Haha. Anyway, thanks again! :D


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