Review: Etude House Drawing Show Creamy Liner

I'm really picky when it comes to eyeliners because I have monolids or single eyelids. For an eyeliner to become a favorite of mine, it has to be really, really smudgeproof. I used to stay away from pencil and gel liners because the ones I'd tried smudged on me after just a couple of hours. I realized that liquid liners suited my lids best. But up until now, I still haven't fully mastered the art of lining my eyes with liquid eyeliner. And what I hate the most about it is how the liner gets all over my lashes too. Does that happen to you too? Or is it just me? Haha.

Anyway, here's one of my favorite products right now.

It's the Etude House Drawing Show Creamy Liner.

I got this a few months ago. Read my haul post *here* :)

I got mine in BK802, a black shade.
According to EH's website, there are four available shades of this cream eyeliner - BK801 and BK 802 (both black; I'm not yet sure what the difference is), BK803 (gray) and BR401 (brown).

I actually didn't plan on buying this. I originally planned on getting any of the cream/gel liners from Maybelline and Fanny Serrano and ELF but kept on forgetting to check them out during my mall rounds. When I saw this new product when I visited Etude House last June, I suddenly remembered I needed a cream eyeliner. I swatched it first, of course, and I was quite impressed with the result. But more on that later.

I like the packaging very much. 

The jar has a matte finish, and the lid screws on tightly enough to keep the product from drying up prematurely.

The product also came with a brush with its own cap. Normally, I just ignore applicators that come with my makeup because I prefer using my own brushes, but this one is actually good. I find myself almost always using this brush to line my eyes with the product. It's not as stiff as my pink Etude House eyeliner brush but still really usable.

The box is also really cute.

Pink and princessy? That's Etude House for you ;P

Now the product itself...

See, it looks really black in the jar. Here's how it looks on my lids.

Appears black on my lids, too. It has good pigmentation, and I don't need to pile on layer after layer of product just to get my desired 'black-ness.'

It claims to be waterproof. Let's see if it really is.

Freshly applied
Allowed to dry, then rubbed
After putting my hand under running water
After rubbing while wet

See how it didn't budge after I smudged it while it's dry? Impressive. And see how it still didn't budge even after I put my hand under running water? The color only faded after I rubbed it while it's still wet. -Note that it didn't smudge, it just lightened/faded. See, no smudge marks there.- I rubbed it again after letting it dry but the color didn't fade even more. Once it dries, it stays put. And it doesn't even take long to dry.

Here's me with lined eyes. I tried to line as thinly as I could.

Here's how it looked after a day out, with primer and eyeshadow. Note: I used the ELF eyelid primer and a WNW Color Icon Trio here. I have oily skin. Photos taken with flash, too, that's why the color's a bit washed out. Oh, and by the way, the day I took the following photos, it was very hot in the morning then it rained in heavily in the afternoon, and I spent the rest of the afternoon at the mall. 

After 4 hours, the liner still looked freshly-applied. Minimal transfer after 8 hours. I was surprised myself. This was the longest it stayed put on me with the least amount of transfer. The primer helped make the liner stay put on my lids, of course. And I think the eyeshadow also helped as it's pretty long-wearing itself. I always apply primer and eyeshadow under this liner. On other days, like when I'm using other eyeshadows (not the WNW Color Icon Trio) or when the temp is high and I'm all sweaty and stuff, the liner stays put on my lids for about 4-5 hours with minimal transfer. Without primer, this liner manages to stay on my lids for at least 3-4 hours without transferring. For a cream eyeliner, that's already a good wear time for me. I always use an eyeshadow primer, anyway. Oh, the joys of having monolids. I use this for my lower lash lines too, and it doesn't give me panda eyes after the day.

Thumbs up:
  • Great pigmentation
  • Creamy enough to glides smoothly on the lids
  • Smudgeproof - Stays on my oily monolids for up to  hours with just minimal transfer. Great for my lower lash lines as well.
  • Dries quickly on the lids - Takes about less than a minute to set.
  • Doesn't irritate my eyes
  • Comes off easily with regular makeup remover - I use Etude House's lip and eye makeup remover.
  • Nice packaging - Keeps the product inside the jar from drying up. I've had mine for 5 months now but it still hasn't dried up.
  • Came with a usable eyeliner brush
  • Available in the Etude House boutiques I frequent

Thumbs down:
  • Price - Priced at P498 for 4 g of product. Maybe a bit pricey to some, but I think it's worth it.

I'm really loving this product! It's way better than the other liners I've tried. I like that it does what it claims to do. And I like that it stays put on my hooded lids for several hours. Given, of course, that I use eyelid primer and eyeshadow with it. People whose lids aren't hooded will enjoy using this even more, I think :)

At first I didn't like using gel liners because there's more hassle in applying them, but I've come to realize that they're actually easier to use than liquid liners. Etude House also has pencil versions of this liner, by the way, with more shades available. I wanna try those too.

Have you tried this? What's your favorite cream eyeliner? Share your thoughts by commenting below! :)


  1. Wow! Great blog. I have to agree it's a bit pricey but i think its really nice. :)

  2. Impressing product based on your review. Drying prematurely, that has been my problem with gel liners that's why I stopped using them but I might try this one. Thanks for the review, Aya! ^^

  3. Wow, this seems like an awesome cream liner. Haven't tried one pa EVER. Pero this looks like it's worth it :)

  4. Impressive review! I have tried that liner before on a photo shoot and I agree that it doesn't smudge since yung make up sa nilagay sken almost 8 hours din hindi masyado nagtransfer ^^, mahal nga lang :( pero I will definitely try this one for sure! :)

  5. It's worth it! Hope you like it too :-D

  6. It is! :-)This is my 2nd gel/cream liner. The first was San San pero mabilis magtransfer un :-(

  7. Thanks! It's worth it. I'm happy I bought it :-D

  8. Jan Mitchelle PanuelaNovember 9, 2012 at 7:34 AM

    I want to try this one too! thanks for the review aya! ;)

  9. No prob! Hope you like it too :D

  10. ay ganda sis! di lang ko magaling mag line ng eyes. :(

  11. Mas madali pag may brush :) Kaya mas gusto ko na 'to gamitin kesa sa liquid liner :)

  12. Liquid eyeliner on the lashes. I suffer from that too! My favorite is still san san's liquid eyeliner. It has a lot of short comings and I have other eyeliners but I'm so used with it's brush, I always keep on coming back to it.

  13. Hate when that happens. My lashes clump together and it's hard to put mascara on them :/ I haven't tried the San San liquid liner yet, only the gel liner :)

  14. I like gel liners best too because they're easier to apply but also has long lasting powers. I use Maybelline's gel eyeliner but I've also tried Tony Moly's. Glad to see that Etude House's gel eyeliner is just as good. For me, it's the liquid eyeliner that gets to my lashes and when it doesn't dry fast, it transfers to my crease when I open my eyes. :)

  15. I'm really picky with eyeliners too. I have a hooded creasy so my eyeliner smudges on my upper lid. So I generally look for liquid eyeliners that doesn't smudge. I haven't tried this but seems great! I am adding this to my to-try list!

  16. I should try this. I have the Maybelline gel liner and it's pretty good but it smudges way too easily. I only use it when I'm going out for short periods of time.
    My liquid liner tends to get all over my lashes too. But I kinda like that because I feel like it doubles as mascara XD I stopped wearing mascara last year because my eyes gets irritated when I do (no matter what brand I try) so I like how the liquid liner helps make my lashes a bit more dramatic. Not as dramatic as mascara of course, but it does make a difference :)

  17. I should buy this. How much is this?

  18. Do I need to clean the brush after using it ? If so,how can I ?
    Thanks for the review :)
    I m now using it :)

  19. dont try the regular black pencil version! it's hard, and it gets rubbed off during the day. the color pop pencils are promising though.


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