BDJ Box - Unbox Your Own Beauty with This Monthly Beauty Box Subscription Service

Viviamo, Inc., the same company behind the famous Belle de Jour planners, has recently launched the BDJ Box. 

BDJ Box is basically a monthly beauty product discovery subscription service. Yet another beauty box, yey! Yes, we now have beauty boxes here in the Philippines :)

Have you ever bought a product you wish you hadn't spent money on? Maybe it didn't work as well on you as you had expected, or maybe it's not worth its price? BDJ Box aims to help us women in our quest for the best beauty products. Basically, you sign up to one of their subscription plans, pay the fee, and every month you get a box filled with samples and even full-size beauty products. That means you get to try a bunch of products every month, and if you like something, you can go purchase its full sized version.

Beauty box subscription has been available in other countries for a long time now, but it's a pretty new thing here in the Philippines.

The BDJ Box community - On, you can also share your thoughts on beauty, style and wellness. It's perfect for the beauty rookie who is just starting out and wanting to build her makeup collection, the beauty seeker who is always on the lookout for new beauty products, the beauty enthusiast who wants to learn more about beauty and wellness, and even for the beauty pro. You can also share your thoughts or reviews on the featured products (in written or even video form) on the BDJ Box website and get points every time you do. You can later use these points to shop for products at the BDJ Box online shop.

The BDJ Box Online Beauty Resource - BDJ Box has its own group of beauty editors, the BDJ Box Beauty Ministry, who will provide us with daily editorials, give advice and tutorials for the featured BDJ Box products.

The BIG question: How much is the BDJ Box? You can get BDJ Boxes for only P480 P580* per month. It's the least expensive one among the three box subscription services I know so far.

To get your BDJ Box, create an account on, take their beauty quiz so they can personalize the box for you, subscribe to one of the many available subscription plans, pay the fee.
I like that there are many subscription plans AND payment methods available!
Subscription plans and payment options
Click *here* to know BDJ's partner brands for the BDJ Box.

The event was held at Slice, BCG last Wednesday, Oct. 24.

Here's BDJ Box Managing Director, Ms. Kat Dy, introducing the BDJ Box.

And here's the first issue - the October Box!

The box's heavier than expected, too. That's a good thing, if you think about it ;P

Sneak peek of what's inside!!! :)
Read my unboxing post to see what's inside the box: 

Bloggers with Viviamo, Inc. Founder and CEO, Ms. Darlyn Ty, and
Business Development Manager, Ms. Em Somera

Thank you, Belle de Jour, for the invitation to the event. I had a great time, especially with these ladies!
With Iya, Ayzee, Melissa, Gem (
L-R: My commute buddy that day, Iya of,
Melissa of, Ayzee of

Check out, @BDJBuzz on Twitter and on Facebook for more info.

*BDJ Box increased their monthly subscription fee to P580 effective May/June 2013.

Disclaimer: Box and contents were received for free but the views and opinions expressed in this post are purely mine and based on my own impressions on the products.


  1. Yay! :) It was so nice meeting you Aya. I hope to see you soon! Have you tried using the products na?

  2. this is more interesting ha, the salad box was.. well, disappointing. pls write about the October BDJ Box soon! buti they accept PayPal. hihi. Tks for sharing! :)

  3. may launching pala sila. haha di ko alam yun ah :D akala ko dun na sa Fair nila ni-launch.

  4. it looks great!! Nice pics <3


  5. Commute buddy! Haha! Great pictures! It was nice meeting you Aya!

  6. Nice meeting you too! I had a great time :D

  7. Yep. It was fun :) They gave us printed leatherette power planners too. hehe

  8. Yep. They had an exclusive blogger and media event :)

  9. No prob! The BDJ Box looks good so far :) Did you subscribe ba sa Salad Box? :)

  10. Nice meeting you too! Next time ulit! Haven't used them but I will na. Excited na ko. Haha :D

  11. ako din! :) lalo na ung bb cream and toner. openbox review ka na :)

  12. ooh cool, another box to look out for! I'm still waiting for my Glamourbox to arrive... but from the looks of the brands they partnered up with, they might have nice products to offer... this makes me even more glad that I didn't sign up for Saladbox... didn't like the items some of the bloggers received with their saladbox.

  13. Got the 6 months from saladbox and it was very disappointing. What i got was different from what the bloggers got. And i paid for it. I hope bdj sends me the same or at least similar to what you got.

  14. BDJ has already shipped the boxes out to those who subscribed and paid, and from the pics I've seen on Twitter, they got the same box as ours :)

  15. Right! Their list of partner brands is impressive :) I wasn't that impressed with the September Saladbox as well. Can't wait to see your post about the Nov. Glamourbox. As much as possible, I want to see all the choices first before I subscribe to any of them. Hihi

  16. It's posted na :D Haha ang tagal eh no?


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