Haul: Packages Here and There

Free is my favorite number. I know it's yours, too ;P

Anyway, I joined a lot of contests and giveaways over the past weeks, and I won in a few of them. What I enjoy most about joining contests? The receiving-the-prizes part, of course! :D

Here are the prizes I got.

Thank you, Maybelline, LipIce, Caronia, Laneige, House of Flair, Angel of Wonder Woman Rises, House of Luxe! :)

I won in one of Maybelline Philippines' Trendspotting Twitter contests and got these.

The Falsies mascara
Baby Lips lip balm in Pink Lolita
Blush Studio Cheeky Glow in Peachy Sweetie
Just claimed these the other day from their office. So excited to try them out! Especially the mascara. Heard a lot of good things about Maybelline mascaras :)

I also joined LipIce Philippines' Me and My LipIce Photo Testimonial Contest and got this as a consolation prize.

LipIce Sheer Color with Mini Fruity Strawberry
Here's my entry.

Entry caption: "One of things I always carry around in my makeup kit is my LipIce Sheer Color from LipIce Philippines. Why? Because this product doesn't only moisturize and condition my lips, it also gives them a nice healthy and natural-looking pink color that is perfect for everyday! It's like one of those "magic" lipsticks that amazed me when I was a kid - it goes on clear but then changes to a natural pink shade that matches my skin tone. I can't even remember how many times this has saved my lips from those drying lippies which fade after eating and drinking. I don't leave the house without it. :) I am living pink with LipIce."
Look at that teeny tiny lip balm! So cute. Oh, by the way, in the picture, I'm wearing the polka-dot wired headband I got from Saizen :)

I also won in one of Caronia Philippines' many Facebook contests and got this prize package.

Cuticle remover
Cuticle sanitizer
Nourishing Creme
Revitalizing Soak & Wash
Renewing Scrub
Nail polishes in Goddess, Touch of Tan and Trance
For my entry, I just had to share which Caronia nail polish best represented me. I chose...

Entry caption: "I think the Caronia Philippines nail polish shade that best represents me is Touch of Tan. I like to be on the safe and neutral side most of the time. I try my best to follow rules and I admit... I'm not the adventurous type. (Except when it comes to my nails, of course!) But I still think that even though something is neutral or safe, it doesn't automatically mean that it's boring. Neutral shades like Touch of Tan go with everything and bring elegance to the nails. And who doesn't want to look classy? :)"
He he. Playing it safe? :)

Also joined House of Flair's Guest Blogger Program. I had been joining almost every month since this program was released, and finally, I was picked as one of House of Flair's August guest bloggers :)

Urban Decay sample set - Half Baked, Evidence and Primer Potion
Read my post about these Urban Decay products here:

Then I won in one of Angel's monthly blog giveaways too and got these lovely accessories from House of Luxe!

HLB13 (pink)
HLB04 (gold)
Sooo my style, I just had to get it.

Likey all of them :)

The last product I got wasn't from a raffle but from Laneige Philippines' Facebook promo. They were giving out coupons for free samples of the Snow BB Soothing Cushion for a limited time (until Sept. 20 or until stocks last).  

Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion
So excited to try this out!

So those are the items I've collected the past weeks. And I didn't even buy them. Hihi. Do you like joining giveaways and contests, too? :)


  1. You already! you are the lucky one T.T

  2. Thats a lot! Youre having a very lucky month :)

    1. Hihi yeah. The winning streak's over now though :)

  3. how i wish i live in manila so I can try out laneige's samples. I'm so jealous aya! i always win contests but I rarely win!

  4. ikaw na talaga! I always join contests but I rarely win. but its still fun to join kasi malay mo you win! :D

  5. so lucky! and the prizes are awesome as well!:)

  6. I join a lot so there are higher chances of winning :D

  7. They are! Excited to use them na. Hihihi :D

  8. awesome loot! i love the laneige bb cushion! ♥ yung lipice ko naman paubos na. :D hahaha

  9. wow ang dami nyan sis, congrats! I also won a couple of international giveaways, but im still waiting for them to arrive. hehe

  10. I like the Urban Decay!! Loot everywhere :)

  11. Lucky girl!! :) Congratulations for all these, Aya!

  12. Congrats Aya! I'm sure you're definitely enjoying your loot by now. ^_^



  13. nakakaloka ang touch of tan! that was my mom's fave caronia polish and the pussy red; i miss watching her do her manicure tuloy when i was young..iba pa yung old bottles nun haha! nostalgic....miss caroni-aya! :P

  14. I'm soo envious >w< congrats ate Aya! :)

  15. Wow you are so lucky to have those things for free! But your entries are worth it. Everything's great! Ang sarap sumali ng giveaways talaga!


  16. awesome loots, lucky you

  17. Yes! Haha sali lang nang sali :D

  18. aww one of my faves ko rin to from them haha. classic.

    LOL Caroni-aya!

  19. Yes! Ang saya haha. Parang yung Maven loot niyo ni Helen! HAHA

  20. Thank you! Ooooh, congrats! Exciting :D

  21. Sayo ko nakita yung tungkol sa Laneige promo! Thank you :D Di ko pa nagagamit yung sakin. Hehehe :D

  22. ang dami Ayaaa!!! of course i love joining giveaways too! <3 I won this month from Kimpossibly Gorgeous blog giveaway :)

  23. wah ur so lucky :)) ive won nothing na this past few months XD
    Congrats Aya <3

  24. Awesome loot! Congrats! Here's a chance to win more:

    Come join our blog contest from
    Shell Philippines and get a chance to win P10,000 worth of FREE Gas/Diesel

  25. cool! so lucky :D


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