Caronia Update: Kwik-Dry Bags a Cosmo Beauty Award

Good news to all Caronia lovers out there! Caronia's Kwik-Dry and Cuticle Conditioner got tagged as the Best Cuticle Oil in the 2012 Cosmo Beauty Awards!

The Kwik-Dry and Cuticle Conditioner helps keep nail polish from smudging and chipping, which is really convenient for women on the go. 
This product also contains mineral oil which helps moisturize and nourish the cuticles. We love healthy cuticles, right?

The Kwik-Dry and Cuticle Conditioner is one of the four products in Caronia's Pro Care line, a nail care collection that aims to help you achieve the perfect mani and pedi. 

Caronia Pro Care:
  • Nail Hardener Base Coat - helps strenghten the nails to resist breakage, smooths them out before nail polish application
  • Kwik-Dry and Cuticle Conditioner - helps protect the nail polish as it dries, keeps cuticles moisturized
  • Fast-Dry Top Coat - helps nail polish dry quickly. This product was also recognized by Cosmopolitan Magazine in the 2007 Cosmo Beauty Awards.
  • Solvent (not in photo) - helps clean nail tools to keep them in good condition

I do have my own favorites from Caronia so make sure to check them out by reading my posts *here* :)

Congratulations, Caronia! 

Caronia Pro Care products are available in leading supermarkets, department stores and drug stores nationwide. Visit Caronia's website and Facebook page for more updates. Oh, they hold a lot of contests too so don't miss out :)

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Disclaimer: Products were sent to me by the company.


  1. Currently enjoying using this one as my top coat sis :)

  2. Yey, good to know you like it :)

  3. Congrats to Caronia! They deserve the award! :)

  4. No doubt on this. Congrats to Caronia, I've been purchasing their nail care products since I was in highschool! :)


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