NOTD and Review: Gold Dust Styling Nail Polish

Hello everyone! Too soon for another nail post? I don't think so ;]

Here's what I had on my nails a few weeks ago.

I chose this shade because I thought it looked Girl on Fire-ish. Haha. Sorry, I love The Hunger Games. 

I got mine in the shade Rose Water #008.

First of all, let me just say... I love the bottle of this nail polish!

It looks classy, and its unique shape makes the bottle easy to store, which I appreciate as I'm about to run out of nail polish storage space. Haha.

The brush is thick, as you can see.

I don't mind thickness very much, though. But you may not like it if you have shorter nails than mine.

Isn't the shade lovely??? <3

I know I always tell you I don't like orange on my nails but this one is dark enough not to make my hands appear darker. Rose Water #008 is a dark orange shade with fine gold sparkles. 

The polish is a bit thick. One coat can yield an opaque finish. It also has a grainy texture/finish. It has super tiny sparkle particles but it's not exactly glittery. The color is not so easy to remove from the nails but is definitely easier to remove than glitter polishes.

If you don't like orange, KKCenterHK has many other shades to choose from. They have blue (which looks soooo lovely! I should've gotten this one instead!), green, pink, purple, gray, black, etc. Visit their website *here* to see the other shades! 

This polish is priced at $7.37 (~336 PHP) for 15 ml of product (excluding shipping fee). If you want to get your own gold dust nail polish, then click *here* :) I think that this is a bit expensive for a nail polish, though. Of course, that's coming from someone who changes her nail color at least once a week and almost never uses the same polish twice. So if you're going to buy one, I suggest you get a shade that you think you'll be able to use often so you can get your money's worth out of it. 

By the way, I have a coupon code you can use to get a 10% discount on your KKCenterHK order. Read my post *here* to know what the coupon code is :)

If you're looking for a cheaper and locally-available alternative, I recommend the new 'grainy' nail polishes from Chic. They pretty much have the same finish! I don't know if they have the exact shade as this, though :)

That's it for today! Enjoy your weekend! What's on your nails today? :)

Disclaimer: Product was sent by the online store but the views and opinions expressed in this post are purely mine and based on my own experience with the product.


  1. oohh!
    this is nice!
    it has a shiny finish?
    i think this would look cute in matte finish din.what do you think?
    at first i thought it kinda looked like nail venturous' polishes first glance lang pala.hehe

  2. Weird nga eh! Kasi in person, parang matte din finish nya pero it appeared kinda glossy in the pics. And yes, I saw some pics online and it looks good matte! :D

  3. I don't remember Chic having an exact color as this but I believe they have something similar... ang cute lang ng dating ng nails mo today aya! love it!

  4. If you want Girl on Fire you should totally rock ChinaGlaze Riveting. the one from the Hunger Games collection. I swear it's sooooo girl on fire-ish!

  5. This is nice. Madaling i-apply kapag thick yung brush ng nail polish kaya I like yung nail polish din from Nature Republic. And the color looks nice on your fingers, Aya! :)

  6. I want to try Nature Republic na rin! I like that their membership card entitles you to a 10% discount on all purchases and not point system like most stores :D Thanks Gel! Nice seeing you last night!

  7. Yeeeees! I soooo want to get my hands on CG's Hunger Games collection :D

  8. Yeah, I think they have red, though. Pwede na rin siguro. Haha I only have the purple one eh. Thanks Nicole!

  9. Ang ganda ng color! kakaiba! :) btw, aya, i invited you sa LookSoup! check your email :)

  10. Ok, I'll check it out Hazel :D

  11. Love this perfect shade of rust color!Great blog by the way!
    Material Fixations


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