Haul: Cheap-ish Finds

Just sharing my not-so-recent cheap finds! Shoes and brushes! :)

Angled brush - P149.75
Small powder brush - P79.75
Eyeshadow brush - P69.75
Smudge brush - P39.75
Solemate flats - P199, 2 for P299

Read on to know where I got these! :)

Been meaning to share this haul for many months already. I'm so late in posting this ;P

Anyway, let's talk about the brushes first. I got them from Landmark. The Landmark beauty section carries really affordable makeup brushes. Some have really good quality for the price but there are also some that are just... meh

This brush, I REALLY like! It looks a lot like the
Sigma F84 (Angled Kabuki brush). It's so soft! 
This one, I'm not so fond of. It looked (and felt) nice when I tried it
before I bought it but I realized it's a bit too flimsy for my liking.
It's alright for blush, though. But I don't use it for that purpose
because I have other blush brushes that work better.
This one, I like! It's the right size for my lids.
Soft and not scratchy. Doesn't shed much, too :)
This one doesn't look like much, I know, but it does its job. I use it to
smudge my eyeliner and to apply  eyeshadow on my upper and lower lash lines.

Now, the flats! I love wearing flats. I have a tendency to overuse mine :P

I first saw Solemate flats last year and bought a pair of their foldable flats. I always check out Solemate whenever I go to SM Dep't Store. Why? Because Solemate flats are so affordable and comfy to walk in!

Pair 1
Love the material. Goes well with my jeans.
Pair 2
Another pair that goes with everything.
Pair 3
Cute floral design! <3
The regular price of Solemate flats is P199 per pair, I think. But they had a promo where you can get two flats for only P299. Not sure if that's still going on, though. I wanted to get foldable ones again but in a different color but they were out of stock already.

Really happy with my inexpensive finds! You can find the brushes at Landmark's beauty section and the Solemate flats at SM Department Stores.

Have you tried Landmark brushes and Solemate flats already? Any cheap finds you wanna share? Leave a comment! :D


  1. I love your cheap finds! Nothing beats ut for sure!I saw some solemates products at SM Dept Store and I thought they have really cute and affordable fats. Will try one their shoesies sometimes!

  2. i love solemate flaaaaats!! they're very comfortable to wear plus it's so affordable! :) i always wear them to school! :)

    i am a new follower by the way. i hope you can check out my blog as well :)

  3. I have the same flats. yung last. :)) Wah want landmark brushes! :))

  4. I've always been tempted to get the angled brush from landmark but I always tell myself that I need to save up for the Beauty Cosmetics set! I love the flats especially the one with the floral designs :)


  5. Do all Landmark stores have brushes? I've never really looked around. Great haul :)


  6. Not sure 'coz I've only been to Landmark Trinoma :) Thanks dear :)

  7. Yeah that would be more practical, I think. I think the quality of this brush is also the same as the one in the BC synthetic kit :)

    BTW, I love it that pair too! It's so kikay. haha

  8. True!!! I love them. My Solemate foldable flats are so convenient to have :D

    Thank you for stopping by dear :)

  9. I've been wanting to buy those brushes from Landmark! xD

  10. love the flats from solemate too!!! i hope they don't increase the prices though! :O

    and i keep on forgetting to check landmark for makeup brushes!! next time! :P

  11. Nice haul Aya! Dense din ba yung angled brush?
    Oh the flats! I love them!

  12. I love the brushes in Landmark! Great buys!! :)

  13. makes me want to go back to landmark! I'm running out of their natural falsies and would like to get a backup of the smudge brush (I also bought that last time eh..hehe)

  14. Nice! Just let me know when you're back. We didn't get to meet last time! :)

  15. It's dense enough naman for me :) Thank you Michelle! :)

  16. True! Hehe yeah you have to check them out :D

  17. Go naaaa. Some are really nice :)

  18. You know that I'm always in love with your hauls, Aya! :p Really cheap finds! Ganda pa!! ♥

  19. 399.75 for two pairs pa din ba yan? nasira na naman flats ko. Overused din!

    I bought brushes from landmark din :)

  20. Thanks Arnie! And I am a fan of your outfits :D

  21. P299 for 2 pairs. Then I bought the other pair separately kaya I paid the regular price which was P199 :)

  22. Follow-up comment: I've been to Landmark Makati already and they do have lots of brushes there too! :)


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