Giveaway Winners: Skin Care Wish Come True with HBC

Hello, my dears! Thank you to everyone who joined the My Skin Care Wish giveaway by HBC and took time to tell me about their skin care concerns! You're not alone! We all have skin problems that we like to address and there are now so many products out there that can help us do that. We just need to be careful in choosing which ones to use. We first have to know what we need to fix for us to know how to fix it.

And, of course, let's all thank HBC for this giveaway! 

Let's see whose skin care wishes are about to come true :)

58 people joined and there were 2,208 entries. One winner was chosen by me, one was selected randomly through Rafflecopter via

Some reminders before I reveal who won:
  • The prizes were sponsored by HBC and must be claimed by the winners at the nearest HBC branch.
  • Two winners were picked (one selected randomly and one chosen based on his/her answer to the question) and will receive 3 free Diamond Peel sessions and 4 Hortaleza, M.D. facial soaps each.
  • The winners will be notified via email and will be given up to 48 hours to reply with their details. New winners will be selected in place of those who fail to respond within the given time limit.

Ok! First, let me announce the one I chose based on her answer to the giveaway questions. Winner no. 1 is...

Allyanna Cruz

"What skin concern would you like to address at this moment? If you were to write a wish to a Beauty Fairy, what will it be?"
Dearest Beauty Fairy,
Skin is one of the parts of our body which is most essential especially among women. It truly needs to be taken care of especially our face which is very prone to pimples. As a college student taking up BS Accountancy, it gave me so much stress. I’m used to staying up ’till the wee hours of night, trying to get my school works done. Because of sleeping late and not eating on time, I got pimples & blackheads and I admit I lose time for myself. It lessens my self-confidence, thinking I’ll look better without these pimples and blackheads on my face. But time is not only the problem. I honestly can’t afford to pay those facial services since they’re a bit expensive. Nowadays, I’d rather be practical and spend my little allowance on fare, food and projects. I know there are facial services out there for a low cost but I don’t wanna take a risk because I’m afraid it might damage my skin. So as soon as I heard about your giveaway contest sponsored by HBC which is highly trusted, I completely grabbed the opportunity to join this contest. They say, opportunity knocks only once & I can’t let this opportunity to pass by. I’m crossing my fingers on this one. Hoping you could help me with this skin problem for it will definitely be of great help to instill the kind of confidence I need. Thank you, beauty fairy! ;)
~Allyanna Zhane Cruz
Thank you, my dear, for sharing your concerns with us! One of the good things about HBC is that they offer quality products and services that won't break the bank. I hope your prize package will give you the confidence boost that you need :)

Winner no. 2, who was selected randomly, is...

Mirzi Sarte

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations, girls! HBC will contact you by email regarding your prizes. Please wait for their email and respond to it as soon as you can. I hope your prizes will somehow help you address your skin concerns and help you start and maintain a skin care routine :)

Thank you so much to HBC and to everyone who joined! Don't worry if you didn't win but would still like to avail of HBC's products and services. They offer free facials, diamond peels and more for a minimum purchase requirement! Just visit their website *here* or better yet, drop by the HBC near you :)

Thank you for supporting my blog and I hope you still keep on visiting it even though the giveaway's over. By the way, I have another giveaway coming up so please stay tuned for that! :)


  1. Thank you Miss Aya for choosing my letter and for giving me the opportunity to experience facial services and to have some products from HBC. It really made my day. Indeed, a great news after being bombarded with exams at school. Thank you so much! :) It will really be of great help to me. :D I'm so happy. And btw, HBC has already sent me an email regarding the prize. Thank you, once again. May God bless you! :)

  2. WOW!!! congrats to the winners :)

  3. Wow :) I'm so happy :) Thank you so much Ms. Aya :)

  4. Congrats dear! Enjoy your prizes :)

  5. Congrats dear! Did you get HBC's email? :)


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