My Love for Nail Polish

Hello, my dears! Y'all know I love nail polish, right? You don't? Well, just back-read my posts and you'll see what I mean :) I make sure my nails are always nice and pretty. My nails are something I'm really proud of, especially when they are all nail artsy and gradient-y and stuff. 

My nail polish collection started growing right after college. When I was in college, I rarely got to paint my nails. You see, I was a chemistry major and we weren't allowed to wear nail polish in the laboratory. I remember this one time I forgot to take my nail polish off before going to class, my lab instructor saw my polished nails then she brought out cotton balls and took some acetone from the bottle in the fume hood then tried to remove my nail polish. My nail polish didn't budge, though. Ha. She said the acetone was probably too dilute or something. Yes, that really happened. 

Anyway, the other day I was reading my old blog posts and I came across a comment from Che of Lovefemme about a post she tagged me in. It's been five months since she tagged me and I actually bookmarked her post when I saw it before just like I do every time someone tags me in a post, but I lost all my bookmarks a few months ago :( Still, I am posting this because I think it's a very fun tag to do, especially for those who love nail polishes like me :)

1. How many polishes do you have? Right now there are 107 nail polishes in my collection. I excluded the extra bottles I have (which I plan to give away) and my base/top coats.

2. What is your favorite brand of nail polish? Local: Caronia. You're not surprised, I see! Haha. I love the wide shade range, the availability and the affordability of their nail polishes. Not local: Etude House. I like that they are always 'in' when it come to nail polish trends. They came out with matte ones when matte nail polishes were trending, same with the crack polishes, and now they have magnetic nail polishes too! :) And I also love the shade selection AND the formula of most of their nail polishes :)

Caronia Sweet Bliss Collection
Etude House matte nail polishes
3. Do you like crackle polish or do you have it? I have a few! I've tried them already but I don't use them very often. I like the idea of crack nail polishes but I like experimenting and changing my nail colors/designs at least once a week so I can't just wear crack polishes every time. But I still use them when I can't think of a good design. Instant nail art!

4. What is the brand of your first nail polish? Hmmm. Bobbie. I think every Pinay's first nail polish is either from Bobbie or from Caronia. Haha

Wearing Bobbie in Exactly Red (from first ever NOTD post)
5. If you're going to have a nail polish line what would you name it? Erm. Can't think of anything right now but I do like the idea of me having my own nail polish line! After all, I'm a chemist. HAHA

6. What nail polish does not compliment you? Coral and orange shades! They make my skin look darker :(

Caronia nail polish in Pink Frost
(I KNOW!! It's orange, right???)
7. What nail polish compliments you? Dark shades, especially blue and purple ones!

8. Name two of your nail art best-friends. My sponges, of course, for my sponge gradient nails (tutorial *here*) and my nail wheel where I swatch and come up with nail art designs :)

Nail art sponges I got from Saizen
Nail wheel I got from a bazaar
9. What was the best nail polish gift you ever received? Erm. I don't think I've received any nail polish-related gifts yet from people I personally know. Haha. Boooo. But I have received nail polishes from some brands and the ones I got as prizes from contests. Counted? Haha. Idk. 

Prize package I received when I won Caronia's New Year contest
I got 12 shades! :D
10. Make a speech thanking the blogger who gave you this tag. Thank you soooo much for tagging me, Che! I really enjoy looking at your nail polish hauls and your cute nail designs! I can't imagine how huge your collection is now. You're one of my fave nail polish haulers!

Everyone who likes nail polishes and nail art, feel free to do the tag. Special mention: Kat, Thiamere, Kumi, Rina and Dawn and Liz - who are some of those whose nail polish posts I enjoy reading. Share to us your nail polish story, too :)

Like this post if you like nail polish! What shade are you wearing right now? :)


  1. I'm wearing a coral shade with gold shimmer similar to the one you have from ELF, but mine is from LA Colors. I don't understand why, but I just can't seem to find a color I like from Etude House nail polishes. I mean, I've looked at their polishes three times, and I just can't find something I like. Haha

  2. WOW!! nasa less than 30 lang yata akin! True I love Etude House nail polish formula.. hindi nagstreak saken :) omg gusto ko yung nail wheel!! what bazaar and how much mo nabili?

  3. Wow straight frome fumehood! :))))) ang dami Aya. Nasa more than 10 lang ata sa akin wahahahaha

  4. omg dear, you have so many nail polish, nice collection! :)

  5. So much nail polish!!!! hahahah ako i have a little drawer full lang haahha. Hindi pa umabot ng ganyan. If i keep hoarding though baka umabot na rin ahahahah

  6. There's a nail polish color which makes your hand look darker? Ang puti mo na nga eh. Hehe. Enjoyed reading this post. Dami mong nail polish. Ako yung iba ko nanigas na esp the NYX ones, tagal ko nang hindi nagagamit. Super busy kasi sa work ):

  7. Wow! My collection is probably only 3/4 of what you have. Thanks for the tag, aya! I enjoy reading your NOTD posts too and of course the good nail polish finds as well! I'll make a post regarding this soon! :D

  8. Waha! Nako, dapat next meetup, nail sparty naman tayo! Hehehe

  9. Haha dati marami pang space sa organizer ko. Ngayon overflowing na. haha adik lang.

  10. YEAAAH. True story. Haha nakakahiya. Pero medyo fail din eh no kasi di natanggal? Haha

    Dagdagan natin yan! :P

  11. Di ba? And I went there earlier, ANG DAMI nilang bago, I want to get them all :( HUHU

  12. Haha! They have a lot of new nail polishes right now! Neons, pastels, pinks. I went crazy seeing all the shades kanina. Hahaha

    I will try the frosted/shimmery shades from LA Colors too. Ang cute ng bottle eh. HAha

  13. wow you have a huge collection! yeah you're right!i love caronia nail polishes. i wanted to try zoya nail polishes but they're quite expensive...

  14. aww i can't be bothered to use nail stamp sponges thingy. i just use a makeup wedge. is there a diff? <2 href="">-LovingSunshine

  15. wow that's a lot of polishes sis! :) yung akin kung hindi pa ako nanalo sa giveaway hindi madadagdagan yung forever alone polish ko na Rain by colortrends :))

  16. I SO want to raid your nail polish collection now. Love all of those colors! @GlamKitten88

  17. I'm sure lalaki rin ang collection mo! :D

  18. I ran out of nail art sponges the other day so I just use makeup sponge. The outcome is almost the same. I just find that porous sponges give more of a gritty effect but they both work well :)))

  19. Oh yeah :( Zoya is one of the brands I really wanna try!

  20. I always wash dishes that is why I seldom wear nail polish on my hands, for occasions only . My toe nails are most of the time painted. haha Amazing collection :)

  21. Thanks! I wash the dishes too but I change my nail polish at least once a week kaya ok lang magchip. Hahaha

  22. i do not count my polishes...hehe
    last time i tried i was at a hundred plus but it takes too much time & get confused by it so i just don't keep track of it.i just make sure that i shake them every now & then.

    contrary to what other people think of me, i only have nail arts during the weekends.hehe. well,i guess except these days when i joined the blogger challenge but i try to rest my nails in between nail arts. i hate hate hate having nail stains! like how i hate ginger & buses!XD


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