2012 Birthday Haul Part 2

LATE MUCH? It's been two months since my birthday and I'm only posting this now??? Anyway, read my post *here* to see the first part of my birthday haul! :)

Tomato cream shoulder bag - P800
Marionnaud N'6 Premium Eyeshadow Brush - P119
4U2 dreamGirl Reflection Quattro Eyeshadow in #01 and #02 - P194 each
Wet N Wild Color Icon Trio in Sweet As Candy - P270 (I think. Forgot the exact price)
ELF nail polishes in Coral and Hot Pink - P129.75 each

My major purchase was this cream bag from Tomato.

I needed a new bag, and I wanted something large enough to fit all my things which include large notebooks and folders. 

Then as I was doing my usual SM Department Store rounds, I passed by the 4U2 dreamGirl counter. They recently changed the packaging of their products and these were the ones that really caught my eye. 

The colors are so nice! You know me, I LOVE pink and neutrals. I am so predictable.

I stopped by the Wet N Wild counter too and finally got myself one of the famous Color Icon eyeshadows.

Do I even need to explain why I chose this particular palette?

I also picked up some nail polishes from ELF. I think it was the first time I saw nail polishes at their counter.

I'm in love with the coral-gold shade! For swatches, read my post *here.* :)

And lastly, I got an eyeshadow brush from Marionnaud's Premium line. This one is made of natural goat hair while their old (not premium) eyeshadow brush is made of synthetic hair.

Another great purchase from Marionnaud.

I'm really happy with my purchases and I don't regret buying any of them. I'm gonna post reviews of the eyeshadows and nail polishes so stay tuned for those. I just realized that I bought A LOT of eyeshadows on my birthday! Noticed? ;P

I have a lot of posts I can't wait to share with you! Product reviews, haul posts, nail designs and moooore!


  1. Cool! :) Lop that shimmery pink nail polish from ELF. :D

  2. Those elf nail polishes are gorgeous. Like you, I also like the shimmery coral shade! I shall definitely buy that! I'm thinking if I should also do a birthday haul :)) Maybe when I have time to take photos :D

  3. Yes yes yes post one too! Hihi and again, happy birthday! Idk if you got my greeting on the FB group :D

  4. Thanks Myrted! Nice right? :D

  5. I notice a lot of peynk here! so cute! :)

  6. omoh~ happy birthday ;) and wah
    coral-gold shade ng elf O_O must get my hands on that omg ganduh <3

  7. How's the 4U2 palette? Super Belated Happy Birthday!! :)

  8. Love the ELF nail polishes! How many mL does it have per bottle?

  9. 10 mL :) I love them too! <3

  10. They're really nice. And cute! :D Thank you :)

  11. Hahaha It's so obvious how much I like pink.

  12. Pinks and neutrals din ang bet ko. Ang pretty e. :D

  13. I know! Nahirapan ako mamili ng bibilhin ko :)

  14. I like the shoulder bag you bought from Tomato! Belated Happy Birthday!

    Greetings from

  15. I sekan di mowsyon :))

  16. Yeah, super! NOTD na yan. :D

  17. Thank you! I like it too :D

  18. I have that same Wet and Wild Pallete and I love it :D


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