NOTD: Peachy Pink and Gold

Hey! I'm feeling a lot better now. Squeezing this post in before going to class. I just want to show you my nails the other week.

It's my first time to try an E.L.F. nail polish. I picked this shade up because the color is soooo lovely!

Nails of the day with ELF nail polish in Coral.

The shade is so gorgeous, in my opinion. It's a coral-pink shade with golden shimmer that shows up under good lighting. The golden sheen is actually my favorite part but I kinda sucked in capturing it on cam :/

I decided to top the upper half of my nails with gold glitter polish to spice things up a bit.

I love the shade although shades like this (corals-peaches-oranges) tend to make my hand look darker. 

I bought this shade and a hot pink shade a couple of weeks ago.  I was really impressed with the formula the first time I tried them on my nail wheel. I read somewhere that ELF has recently changed the formulation of their nail polishes. The ones I have so far are really nice :)

Thanks for reading!

How do you spice up a manicure?


  1. Oh myyyyyy! I love that color! I must visit an ELF counter soon.

  2. Love the color! Where did buy ELF?

  3. I think that I just found my fave nail art from all those that you have previously done. And it is this one! So pretty! :)

  4. ganda!! i have the nude shade from Elf.. <3


  5. cute! haven't tried any elf nail polish pa pero would love to, soon. and i haven't done my nails pa for, i dunno, a month? lol

  6. I do too! SM Department Store :D

  7. Ooooh, how is it? Maganda ba? :)

  8. Haha! Nakagel polish parin? :)

  9. For the price, yeaah! :) I love that it dries up pretty fast too!

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    Ooooh, how is it? Maganda ba? :)
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  10. I don't really like Elf's nail polishes. lol. But nice color!

  11. that shade is gorgeous! will see if our elf counters here in Cebu has it...hehe

  12. I read others' reviews too. Most of them do not like ELF polishes. This is my first time to try one so Im gonna have to see whether all their polishes are like this or not :)

  13. True! Let me know if you find one:)

  14. Wow, how pretty! :) I love the color so much! It's bright and cheerful =D


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