Contest Alert: Nail Swirling with Caronia!

Hi everyone! Remember my post *here* about water marbling? Did you try water marbling your nails? If not, then maybe this will motivate you! 

Local nail care brand Caronia is currently holding a really awesome nail swirling/water marbling contest! Read on to know how to join!

'Excessorize' and 'print on print' suggest that with fashion, there are just
times that more is more. With statement nails being the 'in' thing,
Caronia, the country’s leading nail, hand and foot care brand,
introduces the Caronia Nail Swirls – a nail art technique which applies
the same 'more is more' principle.

Caronia Nail Swirls is not your ordinary way of putting on nail polish.
First, nail polish is not applied directly on nails using a brush and
second, with this technique you can wear two to five nail polishes at
the same time. Create your personalized statement nails in just 4 steps:
Pick, Drop, Swirl, and Dip.

Nail swirling is basically Caronia's term for water marbling. How to do the nail swirl? If you haven't read my tutorial yet, then let these pictures show you how.

Just follow these steps!
Create whatever pattern you like!
Like what I said before, water marbling can get very frustrating, especially when you don't get the swirl pattern that you like. But practice makes perfect, right? :)

Now on to the fun part - the contest. Get a chance to win cash, the latest gadgets, Caronia products and a magazine feature! Just go to Caronia's Facebook page and register, and submit an original nail swirl design. So get your Caronia nail polishes and your camera ready, and let's start swirling! Promo runs from March 15 to May 31, 2012. We still have a few weeks left to join! :D

There are a lot of color combinations to choose from. Here's one I was able to try :)

Color combo: Bliss - Golden Sun - Pink Lily (or as I like to call it, my Marshmallow combination ^^,)

Products used:

Golden Sun, Pink Lily and Bliss are from the frosted line and they are a bit sheer so I used two drops of each per layer. I did two layers of each, alternating between the shades.

I think this combo turned out nice! Just make sure to use more than a drop of each shade. I liked the design on my right thumb the most. Hee hee.

And yes, I will join the contest! Still thinking of my design. *crossing fingers* Gaaah, I need to come up with a design RIGHT NOW.

Disclaimer: Products used in this tutorial were provided by the company. 


  1. i like your marbled nails here

  2. The marshmallow combo is soooo pretty! I'd like to do that too! I suppose you can also do water marbling on your toenails, right? You only need a bigger tub. I don't paint my fingernails.

  3. Thanks! And water marbling your toenails... i feel it would be a bit awkward but fun. Hahaha! 

  4. Ganda! Sana talaga mas malaki surface area ng kuko ko

  5. This is awesome! I told you I'd try doing this but I haven't yet! hahah not I have more reasons to try doing so :D

  6. Hi hi! I hope you enjoy doing it. It's frustrating but the results are cool :D

  7. aya did you win it? the colors that you picked are lovely :) i noticed that i am now spamming comments on your blog haha sorry. too bad this contest was last year.

  8. Oooh, I just realized I wasn't able to post about my entry here. Unfortunately, I didn't win. Hihi. But it's ok! There were a lot more deserving entries.

    Haha! I don't mind! I actually am thankful you're taking time to read and comment :D


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