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Yoohoo! Do you remember my long post about Snoe Beauty? You don't? Well, you can read it again *here.* Anyway, I was able to attend Snoe's summer event held about three weeks ago, and I gotta say... it was soooo much fun! I'm warning you now, this is even loooooooooonger than my other Snoe post :)

Growing local brand Snoe aims to turn high-quality ingredients into effective yet reasonably-priced products designed for different skin types and concerns. Aside from the promise of addressing specific skin problems and imperfections, Snoe products also have really catchy names and packaging. Snoe, for me, is definitely not a 'boring' brand!

The main star of the event was one of Snoe's new releases - an SPF-80 sunblock, the SunTervention Serious Sun Protection - which, of course, I'll review for you guys.

It not only acts as protection for the skin, it also has anti-aging properties. Do I like it better than the SPF-45 Snoe Here Comes the Sunblock? Well, you have to wait for my review to find out :)
Price: P699

Aside from the launch of the sunblock (which I wasn't able to witness because we were "a bit" late), Ms. Jen, Snoe's founder and CEO, introduced us to their other new products that were to be launched soon (already launched as of posting). 

Snoe Oh My Wash! Intimate Wash - It's sulfate-free, pH-balanced, antibacterial, skin protecting, clinically-tested. - it's everything you'll want in a feminine wash.

It contains red berry extract, lactic acid, chamomile and aloe that eliminate unwanted odors, keep the sensitive area free from bacteria, infection and irritation, and protect the skin as well.

Price: P169

Variants available:
  • The Supermodel
  • The Beauty Queen
  • The Movie Star
  • The Girl Next Door

Hair Heroes Extreme  - The sequel to the famous Hair Heroes Intense. For distressed hair and scalp. 

It contains emu oil and acai berry extract, it's sulfate-free, and can be used as a cleansing conditioner, deep-treatment mask, leave-on treatment and straightening balm. I've tried this already and I love the smell! And the smell remains on my hair for several hours. Liking it so far.

Price: P499

Emu Cleanse Foaming Cream Wash
This newest addition to the Emu.thology line contains emu oil, acai berry extract and singkamas that remove dirt, heal, moisturize and whiten the skin, leaving you with a fresh, healthy and radiant complexion. It's a creamy facial wash that won't strip the oils from your face and dry it, and it also has some anti-aging properties.

Price: P199

Snoe Fizzy Clean Foaming Hand Wash - It's the hand wash version of Snoe's famous foaming hand sanitizer which I blogged about *here!* It's a fizzy-foamy and fun alternative to liquid soap and bars. It's more gentle than usual hand washes and cleanses the skin while hydrating it. No need to worry about your skin feeling dry after cleansing!

If you liked the foaming sanitizers, then you'd probably like these hand washes, too. I'm now using the Green Tea Fizzy Clean sanitizer as a hand wash, actually. It seems to be working well as a hand wash because it lathers up with water. I got really excited when I found out that there's now a legit Fizzy Clean hand wash. Definitely gonna get one, but probably gonna try another variant. :)

Price: P199

Variants available:
  • Pleasant Peach
  • Green Tea
  • Lavander Brew
  • Sky Mist
  • Cherry Pop

Snoe Body Ritual Recipes - These latest additions to the Body Ritual Recipes line come as body spritzes, SPF 15 lotions (Whipped Body Frosting) and bath gels (Honey Bath Syrup). Freshen up with these new scents that are so perfect for summer!

I wanna try the Tropical Cocktail one. Ms. Jen said it has the same scent as that of the Here Comes the Sunblock! <3

Price: P249 for the Scrumptious Body Spritz; P249 for the Whipped Body Frosting; P199 for the Honey Bath Syrup

  • Nectarine Ginger Tea Scrumptious
  • Tropical Cocktail
  • Strawberry Smoothie

Snoe Body Ritual Recipes Sweet Hair and Body Glaze - It is Snoe's 'dry oil,' made to and leave your skin with a healthy glow without the oily feeling. 

It contains acai berry extract, sunflower and argan oils that moisturize and protect the skin and hair. It can also be used as a hair detangler. 

Price: P199

Variants available:
  • Vanilla Bean and Butterscotch
  • Honey Dew Melon
  • Nectarine Ginger Tea
  • Passion Fruit Parfait
  • Strawberry Smoothie

More products:
  • More cosmetics - BB creams, CC creams, mascaras, lip markers, eye pens, false lashes
  • Snoe Body Wonderland Slenderizing Gel
  • Shoo-Zit
  • Awesome Poresome - pore-minimizing kits
  • New Hair Heroes - for day (with UV protection) and night treatment, anti-dandruff line
  • Cleansing oil shampoos
  • Snail cream, BB cream and powder with snail enzymes
  • Premium beauty bar masks...
...and more!

For more info on their products and to check out their summer contest, visit Snoe's website, Facebook and Twitter pages!

The event was so much fun - there were games and prizes and major hauling!

Product display 
Ms. Jen talking about the new Hair Heroes Extreme

I was picked together with two other bloggers (Genn and Tara) to model the new Hair Heroes. I had no choice but to 'whip my hair back and forth.' O_O

Photo from ShopGirlJen's post :)
Genn won but we all got to take home a bottle of the HH Extreme! Coolness <3

L-R: Tara, me, Genn 
With Ms. Jen, the founder and CEO of Snoe 
With Ms. Lan, Snoe's Web Relations Manager

We were also given Snoe-money (Snoe's version of gift certificates) which were too cute to spend, really.

 I got a total of P650 to spend right there. Awesome, eh? It was hard to choose what to get. So many products to choose from!

Here's me with my haul *evil grin*

What's inside? Take a look :)

Hair Heroes Extreme Emu and Acai
SunTervention Serious Sun Protection
S-Skin BB Cream
Magic Apple Whitening S-Rub
Exfoliating Oatmeal Beauty Bar
Pineapple Bath Foam

We also got Snoe umbrellas and desk calendars :)

Cool! I'm gonna have my blog logo
printed on an umbrella. Haha jk.

Outfit of the day - Event theme: Beach glam (even though it was a bit gloomy outside that day)

What made the event even more fun was the company, of course! I went with my fellow bloggers, saw old AND new faces :)

'Twas nice to see these ladies again! :D
Genn -

And, of course, it's also nice to finally meet new people and those behind the blogs I read :D
Mich -
Claire -
Helen -
Donnarence -
Shen -

I had a good time! I'm trying out the products now and will be posting reviews after a few days/weeks/whatever.

Whew! What a long post this turned out to be. I had a lot of things I wanted to say, eh! Ok lang 'yan kasi medyo matagal naman akong walang post, 'di ba? Hahaha :D


  1. you are looking cute in this dress!!

  2. I bought a few variants of snoe soaps and I'm loving them!! thanks for introducing SNOE to us..^_^~

  3. Nice meeting you there! Love ko yung pag whip ng hair back and forth. :D Haha

  4. Fun event that I missed, really sad that the weather didn't cooperate with me that day! But anywayyy, you girls are so pretty! ♥ Can't wait to try Snoe products soon! Love your dress, Aya!

  5. love the dress! ^_^ summer na summer! Too bad I wasn't able to go there...late notice ako! haha

  6. hi sis.. nice that you got to enjoy the night! I tagged you.. :)

  7. Oooh yey! I'm about to try the oatmeal bar. EXCITED :D

  8. HAHAHA OMG. Pinahiya ko ang aking sarili. jk

    Nice to finally meet you Helen! Nakakatawa si Gie sa pic natin together.

  9. Thank you! :D Yeah we missed you at the event. But we bumped into each other naman sa SM Makati before the event. Haha Nice to see you again Arnie, kahit sandali lang. :D

  10. Thanks Alice! Aww sayang. Next time. Hindi. Pa. Kita. Namimeet. Kailan pa?? Hahaha

  11. Thank you so much Theresa! :D

    Left a comment on your post, btw :))

  12. Love your dress! Nakakainggit naman yung post na to :(

  13. Thanks Angel! Why weren't you there??? :(


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