Review: San San Matte Finish Liquid Foundation

I've been using this foundation for many months now. Read my haul post *here.* 

I am, so far, on good terms with the San San Soleil Matte Foundation but since that's a bit harder to blend than the usual liquid foundations, it takes time to apply. I was looking for a foundation that's easier to blend when I came across a review of the San San Matte Finish Liquid Foundation.

I bought mine in the shade 02. There are only four shades available so you might not find the perfect shade for you. You can always combine two shades until you find a match, though. The shade 02 isn't the perfect match for me but I bought it because I thought it's the closest to my skin tone. I prefer wearing a shade a bit lighter than one that's darker than my actual skin tone.

I tried the product for the following reasons. 
  1. I heard good things about it. 
  2. I have oily skin and it says on the label that the product offers a matte finish. 
  3. I like the San San Soleil matte foundation. I thought I'd like this product as well.

Description (from San San): A matte finish liquid foundation. Has Vitamins A, C and E to protect, nourish and give a healthy look to the skin.


The product comes in a clear, matte bottle with its own spatula.

Some may prefer liquid foundations in pump bottles or squeeze-type tubes, but I honestly don't mind the packaging of this. What I do is scoop enough amount of product from the bottle using the spatula then transfer that on the back of my hand. From there, I use a finger to dot the foundation onto my face then spread and blend using a flat-top brush. 

As I have mentioned, there are only four shades available. Now that I have 03 too, I've figured out that my match is actually a combination of the two shades. Still working out the proportions, though. But most of the time I still find myself wearing either just 02 or just 03. Honestly, I find it a hassle to open two bottles and mix products just to get my shade, especially when I'm in a hurry. Haha define: lazy. I wish the shades weren't so limited.

Now on to the things that I do like. First is the matte finish. I have oily skin so the matte factor helps keep my face shine-free for a longer period than when I'm using a regular liquid foundation.

Next is the coverage. I can use this without concealer and still end up looking decent. Here are the photos to prove it. Of course the word 'decent' is subjective, so what looks decent to me may not look decent to you ;]

L: Without foundation
R: With foundation only, no concealer
As you can see in the photos, the foundation was able to even out my skin tone and tone down the redness in some areas.

I also like that this doesn't have that weird makeup smell. Yes, it does have a scent but not something overpowering nor unpleasant for me. I don't mind it. Actually, I think it smells nice :)

As for the staying power, this stays for at least 5 hours on me (with powder-retouching) although I don't remain shine-free for that long. I am too oily for that. I just retouch with powder on my oily spots throughout the day.

Here are some swatches.

L-R: 01, 02, 03, 04

Don't be afraid of the color! It gets sheered out upon spreading and blending!

L-R: 01, 02, 03, 04

Here are some pictures of me wearing the foundation.

Shades 02 and 03 mixed
Without powder
Without flash
Shades 02 and 03 mixed
With powder
With flash

Thumbs up:
  • Has Vitamins A, C and E
  • Gives a matte finish
  • Easy to apply - Can be spread and blended easily
  • Good coverage - I don't need to use concealer with this but the coverage is still not as 'thick' as that of the Soleil matte foundation.
  • Decent wear time
  • Doesn't break me out
  • Doesn't cake
  • No unpleasant smell
  • Affordable - Priced at P132 for 30ml of product
  • Locally available - Available in HBC outlets

Thumbs down:
  • Limited shades! You may need to combine two shades to get your perfect match.

I like this foundation and I've been using this quite often since I got it. I especially like how it looks on me when topped with my current favorite powder foundation! It gives my skin a flawless look, especially on photos.

Have you tried this yet? What can you say about San San foundations and face products? :)

For more information about San San and other HBC products, visit the following pages.

Disclaimer: Products were sent by the company but the views and opinions expressed in this post are purely mine and based on my own experience with the products. The other three shades were sent to me but I bought 02 way before I received the others.


  1. i havent tried this.. it looks so natural on you 

  2. I love how it looks on you Aya! Will try this nga. I have the other matte foundation from SanSan. Yung yellow one na may pump and hindi ko siya nagustuhan. I hope this works out well on me :)

  3. Dianne Kristine GeorgeMarch 20, 2012 at 12:41 PM

    I need to try this cause im oily and since i like san-san's face powder. 

  4. When I saw the swatches, I was like "eek!" why that colors? but when I scroll down..ahh, it blended..hehe~ The foundation looks so good on you as always ^_^~

  5. I always wanted to try this when I'm seeing this in HBC, but ended up not buying it. Maybe I could try this na. It looks good on you! :)

  6. It looks great on you! Especially when you mixed it and set it with powder. :-)

  7. i have all 4 of them, courtesy of ms lori din. you're right about the's hard to get the exact shade for my skin.
    i thought i am also 02 since i am NC20 but i am surprise that i am in between 02 & 03.. haha!

  8. it looks good on you... try ko nga to.. :)

  9. Thank you! Hope you like it too :)

  10. Right! Even though the finish is matte, it's still easy to blend :D

  11. You should. It's affordable naman. Hope you like it ;D

  12. Di ba? Hahaha I was surprised myself :)

    Thanks, Janet :D

  13. Oooh, lemme know if you do. Hope you like it :)

  14. I love that yellow one din! Wala naman ako probs sa foundations ng HBC. Hope you like this :D

  15. Thank you! That's one thing I like about it! Just hard to get my perfect shade, though :)

  16. I will try this one nga pnce im done with my maybelline. btw will it works kaya for me  if i am travelling at 3pm every day? 

  17. 2 and 3 ka nga. :)

  18. Dear, seriously, your skin is sooo smooth.

  19. I tried this out too, and wrote a review on it ( ). Sadly, it didn't come out as favorable as your review :( I use it as nalang as concealer.

  20. nice touch on that spatula thing (sometimes pump bottles are hard to control)! 

    you don't need concealer na aya! you have flawless skin haha :) 

    btw, oily ba sya if you don't put powder with it? 

  21. I have oily skin and it stays put naman sa akin for several hours :)

  22. Di ba? Kaso hirap ng mix nang mix! :(

  23. Awww I read your review. Too bad it didn't work well for you. But good to know you're still using it, even as just a concealer :)

  24. Haha! Thanks Hazel! I like nga the spatula. At least meron kaysa yung walang any kind of applicator. The finish is matte naman kahit walang powder.  Yung sa comparison pictures, walang powder yun :)

    BTW, happy birthday! :)

  25. looks good on you! 

    will try this when i get back ;)

  26. I love the SANSAN Matte Finish liquid foundie! I just wish it had more shades available. I'm tamad to keep mixing part of 3 & 2 just to get a right shade.

  27. True! Kaya I only use 2 parin kahit I have 3 na. Haha

  28. is  "San San Soleil Matte Foundation" still available in the market?

  29. I think it's not anymore but it's summer again so they might sell it again :)

  30. Shades 02 and 03 mixed
    With powder ~ ano pong powder ang ginamit nyo?

  31. Hi Annalyn, I think Maybelline powder foundation 'yung gamit ko niyan. 'Yung color pink na compact :)

  32. in what shade po? thanks


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