NOTD: Close, but Not Quite

I'm in search for the perfect nude shade of polish for my nails. I've just begun my search so I haven't really collected a lot yet. Remember my post on  Caronia's Touch of Tan? I said in that post that I found that shade to be a bit darker than my 'ideal' nude shade and that I'd look for something just a bit lighter. 

Here's a lighter one... also from Caronia.

Nails of the day with Caronia nail polish in Touch of Beige.

This shade is indeed lighter than Touch of Tan but I think it's a little too beige to be a nude shade for me. Just a little. Yeah, I am OC like that!

I like how it looks under certain kinds of lighting, though.

Application is ok - not too great but not too bad either. I had to apply three coats to make the bubbles that appear after application less obvious. And yes, I did make sure to dry each layer before applying another. 

Here's how it  looks beside Touch of Tan.

L-R: Touch of Beige, Touch of Tan
Touch of Beige. Hmmm... it's not quite what I was aiming for but it's really, really, really close. Now I'm looking for something in between these two shades.

And that's it for my nails this week. Too beige or not, I still think nude shades look very elegant on the nails!

What's your favorite nude nail polish? :)


  1. True! It makes the nails look clean pa :)

  2. these two were my mom's all-time fave shades from caronia ^_^

  3. Really pretty! Sun kissed nails are beautiful!

  4. i love doing colorful nail arts, but when i started my ojt training bawal daw nail art, hehe so i started applying nude colors, pero my twist pa din with stamp,haha di ko kaya di mag nail art.. lol  i love nude colors too ^_^

  5. Loving nude nail polishes too lately. :)

  6. Nice! They look elegant on the nails! :D

  7. Awww. At least you put a twist para hindi boring! Hehehehe :D

  8. True! I love Touch of Tan, it's my perfect nude shade. =)

  9. classic shade that never goes wrong! :)

  10. Nice! I hope I find mine na rin :)

  11. i'm a fan of bobbie's  touch of beige. caronia's a bit darker, i think :)

  12. I've yet to try Bobbie's! :D


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