HBC Update: A Summeriffic Promo!

This just in: HBC is having yet another promo! From March 15 to April 15, 2012, HBC is offering huge discounts on HBC-exclusive brands like San San, Allue, Body Recipe, Hortaleza, M. D. and Hortaleza Professional!


What to expect from this promo? Of course, there's the sale (and we all know how awesome HBC discounts are, right?). Aside from that, you can also get a chance to receive a free HBC beach bag for every P500 purchase! Trust me, your P500 will go a long way in HBC because the products are so affordable.

If you want to take advantage of this promo but don't know what to buy yet, let me suggest a few things. These are my favorites from HBC!

Note! This summeriffic promo is only available at mall-based HBC outlets.

FYI, community-based HBC stores are now called HBC ShopMore. The mall-based ones remain simply HBC

HBC outlets (mall-based) carry Beauty Exclusive products and include the MakeOver Zone where customers can get free facial services for a minimum purchase requirement. 

Note: Beauty Exclusive brands = San San, Allue, Body Recipe, Hortaleza, M. D. and Hortaleza Professional

HBC ShopMore stores (community-based) carry Beauty Exclusive brands AND highly-advertised brands for beauty and personal care. This also includes a wide array of convenience/grocery items and a pharmacy section. 

With this new set-up, HBC aims to provide more choices to their customers :)

So go ahead and check out HBC and ShopMore outlets near you and shop away! 

Enjoy the summer and happy shopping! Don't forget to bring your membership card for the shopping points :D

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  1. yes!!! I've been waiting for this! I do hope their liquid eyeliner and two-way cake foundation will be on sale! :)

  2. I should check out their liq eyeliner, too! :D

  3. waaah. sale... XD i want pero budget... err... gusto ko madagdagan points nung hbc card ko :)

  4. hi dear.. thank you for following back ^_^

  5. I will try san san nga... hmmm... thanks for the info ayabels....

  6. Hope you like! Try Body Recipe too :D


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