Haul: Cosme-what?

Hellooo! I told you in my post *here* that I went to this year's Cosmetologie Fair. I actually planned on attending a few seminars there but ended up spending the whole afternoon looking around the booths for stuff to buy.

Beauty and Minerals Eyeshadow in Silver Rose - P100
NYX Matte Lipstick in Butter - P290 (Digital Traincase)
Wet N Wild Lipstick in 545 A - P96 (originally P119)
Kleancolor Matte Finisher (90 Madly Matte) - P150
Caronia Nail Polish in Touch of Beige 
Caronia Nail Hardener & Base Coat
Dermclinic discount coupon
Free samples of:
Avon Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield Treatment
Anew Reversalist Day Renewal Cream
Anew 360 White UV Block
Anew Reversalist Night Renewal Cream

One of my fave finds is this matte top coat from Kleancolor. 

You know me... I love nail polishes. I have 6 matte polishes in my collection and all of them are from Etude House. Don't get me wrong... I like the effect that matte polishes give, but sometimes they're just a pain to apply. I find that with some of my EH matte polishes, it's difficult to get a smooth coat of polish. Since they dry quickly, they often leave my nails with a streaky finish. I think a matte top coat is a more practical buy since you can use it on top of any nail polish. And this works well, too! Will definitely post some comparison pictures for you soon :)

We also stopped by Beauty and Minerals' booth. Their mineral eyeshadows were on sale for for P100 each! It was really hard to pick a shade. Gellie and I were swatching here and there, choosing between all sorts of pinks and beiges. 

But I'm happy with this shade. It's something I'd wear often :)

We also stopped by the Digital Traincase booth which was just right beside the Beauty and Minerals booth. They were actually two of the busiest booths at the expo. I got my first ever NYX product! I've been looking for a good brown/nude-ish lipstick so I went right ahead and swatched a lot of browns. I picked the shade Butter because I liked how it looked when swatched on my hand. The shade looks slightly different on my lips, though. It's not the best shade for me. (Yeah, I don't test lipsticks on my lips first before buying.) :P

Then I got another lipstick but this time, from Wet N Wild. All their products were on a 20%-off sale. I bought a sort of my-lips-but-better lipstick shade. It was originally P119 but because of the discount, I got it for only P96! I know I say in my lipstick reviews that I'm not a huge fan of frosted lippies but this one is not so frosty.

I stopped by the Caronia booth too, of course. How could I not? Hahaha I act as if I don't have enough Caronia stuff already! Since I'm on a nude nail polish shade phase too, I grabbed Touch of Beige. I remember a reader telling me that it's her perfect nude polish. Since I'm almost out of my The Face Shop base coat (which is awesome, by the way) and I always keep on forgetting to repurchase one, I bought Caronia's base coat, too. As filler. You know those products that you use when you run out of what you're currently using and you don't have time/money to repurchase? Haha, yeah, that.

Ooooh, and I got a free poster with my purchase :)

Then we also got free samples of Anew products from Avon. The SA there told us that we can start using anti-aging products at the age of 25 and suggested that we give the samples to our moms instead. And that's what I did. Oooh, but I did keep samples of their hair treatment! ;]

Loving most of the items so far :D

So that's it for my Cosmetologie haul! Did you go there, too? What did you get??? :D


  1. Can't wait for the matte top coat review :)

  2.  Nice Haul, Aya! I'm intersted to know more about the matte top coat too! Looking forward for a review! :)

  3. lol am i surprised to see caronia there? :))

  4. Love the lippie! ♥♥♥ Yung akin kay mommy na e, the color suits her better. :P

  5. Thanks, Dawn. Will post a review of that! :D

  6. IKR? I'm so predictable! Hahaha

  7. Aww good! Hahaha yung sakin, not quite what I had in mind eh. Trying to make it work pa :)

  8. Great haul, Aya babe! :) I'm sure you enjoyed Cosmetologie! ♥ Miss you!

  9. great haul aya dear! :D this is the reason why i didn't go to the fair e hahaha! i knew i'd end up hauling. :P


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