At the 2012 Cosmetologie Fair

Hi!!! If you follow me on Twitter or on Facebook, then you would know that I went to the recently-held Cosmetologie Fair at the SMX Convention Center. The expo was held for two days last week, Feb 21-22, but I went only on the first day. I was planning to attend several seminars, I even had a list of what seminars I'd go to :)

I went with my blogger friends which made everything more fun!

Thanks to Mr. Paulo and PEP Group for the invitation and the tickets!
Naturally, we looked around the whole place for interesting stuff. There were a lot of booths present, and some of the busiest ones (as I've noticed) were those of Beauty and Minerals, Digital Traincase, Avon, Wet N Wild/L.A. Colors, and Suesh.

The Beauty and Minerals booth carried Charm brushes, Blinc products and Beauty Pro palettes. Right beside it was the Digital Traincase booth, and from there I purchased my very first NYX product! I'm gonna order another one soon :)

With Ms. Sophie of and owner of Beauty and Minerals 
L-R: Gellie, Gie, me, Ms. Sophie, Janine

Dermclinic also had a booth and they were giving out discount coupons and offering free skin analysis. We took advantage. I've never had my skin examined like that before. I've also never undergone any kind of facial treatment. I was actually a bit scared to know my skin's actual condition but I went on with it, anyway. The attendant found small warts on my face and suggested I had them removed (of course). Oh, and she also said that I had combination to oily skin - that, I had known all along.

We stopped by the Avon booth too, and they were giving out samples of their latest products. Their latest skin care range is composed of anti-aging and skin-rejuvenating products that can help one look younger. Know more about this new range *here.* Since anti-aging products are recommended for use of people 25 y.o. and above, the SA suggested that we give the samples to our mothers. And that's what I did. ;]

Avon was giving out free makeovers too, but there were so many in line, we weren't able to take advantage.

Stopped by the Goody booth and saw that the famous spin pins and other hair tools were on discount. Stopped by the WNW and L.A. Colors booth too and there were so many people, ang hirap makisiksik at mamili! All WNW items were on a 20%-off promo, I think. I bought a lipstick! I was thinking of buying Color Icon palettes too but decided on just getting those next time. There was a booth that sold cute pink and dense kabuki brushes for only P150! Didn't buy one, though. I already have kabuki brushes. Oooh, and there was one that sold boxes of 10 pairs of lashes for a little more or less than a hundred pesos! Again, didn't buy one. I don't wear falsies often and I still have a lot here at home :)

And, of course, (this part always excites me) there were also nail-polish-nail-tools-and-nail-art booths! 

Caronia was there and we just had to stop by! They were offering free manicures for everyone who made a purchase so I made a purchase. Hihi. I've been wanting to buy what I bought, anyway. Too bad we weren't able to get our manicures :( Line's too long and we didn't want to waste our time waiting! Anyway, all's cool 'coz I got a free poster with my purchase. Hahaha

Ooooh, ooooh, and one of the booths I became so excited about was the one selling Kleancolor nail polishes! I swear, Kleancolor has a super nice selection of nail polish shades! I saw some glitter polishes there that were just <3. Of course I bought something from there ;] Just one, though :(

I'll show you the things I got in another post! :)

There were many other booths present but I wasn't able to take a picture anymore. I was busy looking for stuff to buy! Haha JK. But we did enjoy looking around that we weren't able to attend even a single seminar anymore! Heeeeee :)

Here's my outfit for that day.

And my companions... :)

Glad to have finally met Nadj! I had fun with these ladies, as always!

Click the following links and check out their blogs too, ok? :)

For more pictures, visit my public album *here.* :)

Did you go to the biggest beauty show in the Philippines? It's your time to share your Cosmetologie experience! :)

Disclaimer: Tickets were provided by the event organizers but the views and opinions expressed in this post are purely mine and based on my own experience in the event.


  1. I hope I'll meet you guys, you look like you really enjoyed yourselves, parang gusto ko pumunta kahit hindi ako mahilig sa makeup :P

    I'm more a skin care person...

  2. Ang sarap titigan ng booth ng nail polish!! HAHAHA :P Glad you enjoyed the event Aya! :) 

    Btw, I hope you can join my blog's birthday giveaway here: <3

  3. Kleancolor!!! Waaaaah!
    See you soon Aya! :D

  4. ayaaa!!!! love ko tlg cheeks mo! pretty na kagigil! 

  5. Haha! Hope to meet you someday, Rae!:)

  6. True!!! Yes, I will, Hazel! Support :D

  7. Wahahaha thank you Charles! :)))

  8. uuuhhhggg...I want to meet you ladies in person na! must be fun to see a lot of beauty stuff in one place. looks like you really enjoyed it there...

  9. Yep, enjoy! Aww Hollie! I really want to meet youuuuu :D

  10. oh! I know that shoes.. I have one like that too.. :)


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