NOTD and Review: OMG Cracked Nail Polish Part 2 - Garnet

Hello, my dears! Remember my *post* about a really affordable crack nail polish? Well, here's another shade from the same brand! I actually had a hard time choosing the shades to try out. I ended up picking a shimmery gray one (I don't usually see shimmery crack polishes around!) and a pink one (Do I even need to explain why?).

Somehow, these nails remind me of dinosaur eggs ;]

Nails of the day with OMG Cracked nail polish in Garnet. 

Unlike the gray one in my other post, this one doesn't have shimmers. It's more like a regular crack polish, it dries matte. The formula of this one is different from the gray one. This has a bit thicker formula like regular nail polishes. I've had this for months already and it hasn't separated or turned watery. It's very easy to apply, too. I usually use two layers to get nice cracks. This is one of the things I like about OMG crack polishes - I can apply more than one layer without ending up with ugly cracks! 

It doesn't stay on very long without top coat, especially if your hands are frequently exposed to water.

I had a hard time picking a base color for this one. The yellow-pink combo looked really good on my nail wheel, but when I tried it on my actual nails, the result was a bit much. 

Thumbs up:
  • Toluene- and DBP-free 
  • Inexpensive - priced at ~P35 per bottle 
  • Many shades to choose from 
  • Easy to apply 
  • Dries quickly
  • Cracks show up nicely 

There's nothing I hate about this particular shade. I'm planning to buy more crack polishes - maybe more neutral shades. I saw that they have a white/pearly shade available. Interesting! That would go well with any shade :)

I got my OMG crack polishes from Landmark Trinoma, by the way. I read from another blog that Bobbie has also released a crack polish collection. Gonna check that out, of course! :D


  1. i love the 'dinosaur egg" themed nails...lolz..those were so pretty! you came up with such a perfect the look =)

  2. yes Bobbie Nail has their cracked bu t i didn't it cause I just want to try one which is from OPI. they have in red black and purple i think.

    I found the OMG too but just like what i said i just want to try one brand first. :)

  3. Oh my. Where can I buy this??

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  4. Cute! The first time I tried cracking polish, I thought of dino eggs too :D


  5. my first cracked nail polish was from the brand KLIK!!! it sucks! HAHAHA :) okay pala yung OMG na brand :) thanks for this review :D

  6. Yey, glad you think so. I'm gonna try it over a white base, or a matte pink one... :D Thanks, Janet! :)

  7. Will try the Bobbie ones next. I'm sure the OPI one will be really nice :D

  8. Actually OMG is from Klik din. But iba iba ung formula nung mga crack polishes. Weird nga eh. Haha

  9. I really love this NOTD. I like the combination of your base and the cracked nail polish! Unfortunately, I haven't had time to buy the polishes so I can try them out myself. Hopefully soon I will! :)

  10. Dianne Kristine GeorgeFebruary 4, 2012 at 10:47 PM

    cute nails, i will surely try this.
    BTW i love all of your NOTD tutorials. 
    following you, follow back?

  11. Thanks, Dawn! I hope you get your hands on them soon :D

  12. Thanks, Dianne! I'm glad you like them :)))


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