HOTD: Braids and Waves

Heeeey! Lately I've been wearing my hair down and wavy. I finally bought a hair straightener a few months ago and I'm practicing curling/creating waves with it. You may ask why I didn't just buy a legit curling iron. Well, I wanted something multi-functional. The straightener I bought can be used to dry, iron AND curl my hair. It's kinda like a 3-in-1 tool. It's the Wet Straight Pro from JML, by the way.

Anyway, although I enjoy using my flat iron to curl my hair, sometimes I don't have time to curl my entire hair. So I cheat. I'll tell you about that later :)

Hair of the day: Side braid with loose waves.

Inspired by one of Hanna's hairstyles.

Remember my Pretty Little Liars Hairstyle post? Many months ago, I posted about PLL character Hanna Marin's hairstyle in the 18th episode (Season 1). If you haven't seen that post yet, then click *HERE!* :)

To achieve this hairstyle, I first created the side braid. I'm not quite sure what kind of side braid Hanna's was. I just went for a simple side French strip braid. As you can see in the pics, I wasn't very neat in doing this. Hihi. Now for the loose end waves, since I didn't have time to curl my entire hair, I just took random sections of hair (about 4-5 on each side) and curled them using my flat iron. 

Then I run my fingers through the curls to loosen them up a bit and blend them with the uncurled hair. Final step - setting everything with hairspray. I'm currently using the Etude House Sweet Style hairspray.

Aaaand that's how I cheat - I only curl a few sections of my hair! Sometimes I don't even bother curling sections from the back portion! I focus on the sides since they're the ones framing my face :)

So that's it for this simple and girly hairstyle. This is what I like about having long (ish) hair - so many ways to style and I get to use my handy dandy Wet Straight Pro :D

I hope you like this hairstyle! More hairstyle posts coming! Promise :D

Have a nice weekend :)


  1. Love this!! :) Your braids look so cute!

  2. I tried braids yesterday, I looked But this looks super adorable on you sis. love it.

  3. i want to braid others lang, on myself --hate it haha..pwettie!

  4. Haha, my hair is naturally curly but I wish it was straight :( Sigh!

  5. i wish i can braid my hair! :)) 

  6. Aww. Thanks Hollie! Long time no tweet! :D

  7. Haha! Ako naman, walang mabraidan kundi ang sarili ko. Thanks Charles :D

  8. Aww. Sometimes I envy those with naturally-wavy/curly hair! 

  9. Hahaha Princess Aya. Thanks, Gellie :)

  10. Aww. But you're rocking the short(ish) hair naman! :D 

  11. looks pretty!!!


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