Haul: First for 2012

Heeeey! Another week ahead! I hope you have a good one :) I haven't been really hauling much lately, hence the lack of haul posts. That's a good thing, I guess ;P

But here are the few things I've gathered for the past two months aside from the *prizes I got.*

Bath and Body Works Pocketbac Anti-bacterial Hand Gel in S'mores - P50 
Bath and Body Works Pocketbac Anti-bacterial Hand Gel in Japanese Cherry Blossom - P50 
Etude House Petit Darling Nails in Matte nos. 8, 9 and 10 - P98 each 
ELF Brightening Eye Color in Luxe - P129.75
ELF Brightening EYE Color in Drama - P129.75

Ok, so the most "exciting" thing I've purchased (exciting FOR ME, ok? :P) would have to be this BBW S'mores anti-bac gel. I swear, this smells soooo yummy. Can't help but smell my hands every time!

I was able to try this for the first time through my friend, and since then I just couldn't get the scent off my mind (err, nose?). Naturally, I Googled like crazy for sellers of this particular scent. Fortunately, I found it on eBay and on Facebook! I clicked the 'Buy it now' button immediately.

I also went to Etude House to purchase more matte nail polishes. Since I liked the shades I've tried so far, I figured I'd try the others as well.

I'm a bit disappointed, though. The formula of these three polishes are not as good as that of the other ones I have (no idea why). These are thinner in consistency and more difficult to apply. Anyway, I'll show you swatches when I post my about my matte nail polish collection :) 

Lastly, I stopped by ELF to try their eyeshadows.

I don't find anything so special about these. They're still ok for me, though.

So that's it for my first 2012 haul! I know it's not much, but like I said... that is a good thing! In my next haul post, I'll show you the stuff I got during the recently-held Cosmetologie Fair :)

Have a great week!!! :)


  1. S'MORES! :O I can imagine the scent. Yummy! :D

  2. i have the ELF Brightening EYE Color in Drama ^_^ and im loving it

  3. please make a review on the ELF brightening eye color ^^,

  4. I bought a matte nail polish from EH at di na ako bumili ulit... xP

  5. Hahaha I just bought for the sake of my 'collection.' The other shades naman kasi,I like :/

  6. I want to try bbw smores soooo bad! lol

  7. Great! What's your fave shade? :)

  8. aww sayang hindi okay yung matte polish na nabili mo! the colors are so cute though! :) excited to see your cosmetologie loot ;D

  9. Yep nice yung shades. Not the formula :(

  10. So want the BBW sanitizers! :D

  11. I'll let you know pag magoorder ako ulit! :D

  12. I agree on the EH Matte polishes. They're so difficult to apply or maybe I just need some more practice. But oh, they're already drying up. Boo. :(


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