Review: Miss Kat Soap AM and PM Face and Body Bars

Hi! I know I told you about the new brand 'Miss Kat Soap' already in my post *here.*

Miss Kat Soap is the latest cosmetic brand from Only Skin. Their natural soaps are made to keep the skin healthy and nourished. I was able to try their products out and now I'm ready to share my thoughts on them. Note: I have combination to oily skin :)

Today, I'm gonna tell you about this duo - the AM and PM Face and Body Bars.

Although they're for the face AND the body, I just use them for my face.

Brand description (from Miss Kat Soap): Miss Kat Soap is a cosmetic brand that wants every girl to feel happy and beautiful inside and out. We deliver products that promise for a healthy, nourished skin - naturally.

Natural skin therapy is what MKS aims to bring to their customers.

As indicated by their names, the AM soap is supposed to be applied every morning (clear it!) while the PM soap, every night (heal it!). Both  are 100% vegetable bars and 100% biodegradable. They don't contain artificial bubble enhancers, harmful preserservatives, artificial hardeners and harmful colorants.

Tip (from Miss Kat Soap): For our first time users, do patch-testing by applying a small amount of the product for 5-10 minutes. If no irritation occurs, continue to use the product.

These soaps are packaged really nicely! One of the things to love about Miss Kat Soap is the très-chic packaging - very colorful and eye-catching! :)

As for the size, each soap fits on my hand perfectly.

These soaps are also available in sample sizes when you buy the Miss Kat Soap trial pack. I'm gonna talk about the other soaps included in this pack in some other posts :)


A.M. Face and Body Bar (Monday Comes After Sunday)

I've been using this for more than a month already. I was very interested in it's ability to dry pimples quickly. And you know what? It really does dry pimples quickly! Last week, I noticed three pimples starting to grow on my chin. After just 2-3 days, the pimples were dry and way smaller already. My pimples didn't even develop into those huge pus-containing zits. For real.

As for its oil-regulating and mattifying power, I've noticed that when I'm not wearing makeup, my face remains matte for several hours. I can't say the same thing when I'm wearing makeup, though. Also, it leaves my skin feeling a bit tight after use, but not too tight.

The AM soap contains black beads to help exfoliate the skin very gently. With that, even when I don't use a facial scrub, my face still remains soft and smooth (but not as smooth as it becomes when I use a legit scrub, of course).

The soap itself lathers easily and smells reallyreallyreally nice! I remember the times when my mom used soaps to make our lockers smell nice. I'm really tempted to do that again with these soaps because of their super pleasant smell! Haha. The soap also doesn't melt easily, but it's not hard either. 

P. M. Face and Body Bar (Thank God It's Friday)

Been using this for more than a month now, too. I like that it doesn't dry my face despite its pore-tightening property! This product leaves my face feeling fresh after use but it doesn't leave my face feeling tight.

The PM soap also has black beads for gentle exfoliation, keeping my face soft and smooth. It doesn't remove my makeup completely, so I still need to use a legit makeup remover before washing my face with this. It's not a 'cleanser,' anyway.

The soap itself doesn't lather as easily as the AM soap, but that's an indication that it won't be drying your skin as much. And just like the AM soap, the PM soap smells really nice, too! It doesn't melt easily but it's not hard either - the hardness of the soap is just right for a beauty bar.

I've been using the sample-sized AM and PM bar for more than a month now, so I'm sure the full-sized ones will last me a looooong time, given that I only use them for my face.


So those are my thoughts on the Miss Kat Soap AM and PM bars. At first I didn't find the need to use two different products for my morning and my evening routines, but the idea behind this duo now makes sense to me. I mean, I, for one, have different morning and evening facial needs and concerns. Clear it in the morning, heal it at night!

Regular price: P338 (for the duo)

Visit Only Skin's website and Miss Kat Soap's Facebook and Twitter pages for more details.

Have you tried these soaps yet? Let me know what you think of them! :D

Disclaimer: Products were sent by the company but the views and opinions expressed in this post are purely mine and based on my own experience with the products.


  1. Nice review! they're interesting soaps indeed, thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Interesting soaps. I'm almost out of soap. Nice to hear about new products to try. Thanks for the sale alert. 

  3. aaah i wish i can use natural soap like that on my face. i think my face only likes chemical facial wash :( because the natural ones that are supposed to be good breaks me out :( just want want to let you know that I tagged you in my newest post :)the rules are quite long but i hope you still find some free time to do it :)

  4. Yes, they really are :D

    Thanks dear! :)

  5. Thank you, Donna! Will check that out:D

  6. OMG! Haha I know this is bad but as a graphic designer...I'm super duper sold on the amazing packaging design. Love it! And I need new soaps so I'm gonna check this out! Great review :)

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  7. Right??? I don't even want to throw the box out! :D


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