OOTD: Choco Chip Cookies

Hello! You don't see a lot of 'outfit of the day' posts here, do you? Let's change that! ;P

I am not a fashion expert or whatever. I know I'm not a very stylish person. Lately, though, I've been buying more clothes than makeup. Shopping for clothes can be very fun, too, right? :)

So here's what I wore to church a few weeks ago.

I rarely wear dresses but I'm planning to wear dresses more often. That's one of my New Year's resolutions. Hahaha!

I wore this simple striped dress (the color reminded me of chocolate chip cookies) and paired it with a white belt. For the shoes, I wore the Parisian heels I got last Christmas.

Very very very simple outfit. Very.



  1. Cute! I like the dress, looks very flattering on you and the shoes match perfectly. Yay to wearing more dresses, I love wearing them

  2. Choco chip cookies! I like the outfit :) I'm a big fan of dresses too!

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  3. oh my, you look gorgeous aya! :D ang fierce!

  4. Thank Chrissy! I'm gonna wear more dresses this year. HAha

  5. the stripes look great on you, this is lovely!

  6. aya! your dress makes me hungry! parang chips delight cookies :D the style suits you very well ;)

  7. Thanks, Hazel! I miss your OOTD posts! :))


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