NOTD and Tutorial: Under the Sea

Hey there! Happy, happy, happy 2012! I'm starting the year with an NOTD post <3

I'm sure you won't disagree with me when I say that this nail design looks soooooo underwater-y. I recently got my prize package from Caronia and included in that package is a bottle of a really pretty frosted blue shade, Sapphire. The shade reminded me of the ones I already had - Dare and Goddess. Since they're all in the same color scheme, I decided to use them together to create a really cool design. Pun intended.

Nails of the day with Caronia nail polishes in Goddess, Dare and Sapphire, Elianto nail colour in Novy, and Wish green-based glitter polish.

From afar, this design has a grungy look to it, which I like. Read on to know how to do this design on your nails! :D

You can use different polishes for this, depending on what color scheme you want. I chose to use frosted ones because I liked the 'metallic' look. I used the following:
  • 1st layer - Goddess (frosted green)
  • Transition color - Dare (frosted blue green)
  • Tips - Sapphire (frosted blue), Novy (dark blue)

1. Apply base coat to make polish application easier and to keep your nails from being stained.

2. Use the sponge technique to apply a light coat of the lightest color (Goddess). Click *here* if you're not familiar with the sponge technique.

3. Again, using the sponge, apply the transition color (Dare) only on the upper half or two-thirds of the nail, making the color fade as you go downwards.

4. Using the same sponge, apply the darkest color on the tips (upper third) of the nail. I mixed Sapphire and Novy together to come up with a darker shade.

5. Use the lightest shade again to lighten the harsh edges and give the design a grungy effect. Apply it only on the lower half of the nail, making the color fade as you go upwards. Apply it lightly to avoid covering the gradient effect.

6. Apply glitter top coat on the tips.

7. Apply top coat to make your design stay longer.

8. Clean up the edges of the nails using a cotton bud dipped in nail polish remover.

Aaaand that's it! Not so easy-peasey but still a bit easy, I think. The sponge part is the one that's a bit hard to do. You just have to start with light pats on your nail. Don't apply too much pressure or the design would end up too dark.

I think the frosted polishes and the sponge technique worked well together for this design...

L: Indoor lighting
R: Natural lighting
...and the glitter polish gave it the extra sparkle it needed!

What do you think?

I hope you try this out! Let me know if you do, ok? I'd looove to see! :D


  1. I love anything blue-green so it's no surprise that I love this! :)

  2. wow! this looks so pretty and perfect for spring/summer! you should really go and start a nail salon business soon! ^_^


    Ms. PLP

  3. Beautiful <3 Love the tute!!!

  4. I love this! It's so beautiful and summery!|

  5. lovely nails!!!!^^ very chic!

  6. Thanks, Suyen! I like the blue-green combo as well :D

  7. Hahaha! This really made me smile. Thank you so much Iya :D

  8. Aww nice set of colors. I love how you layered them up like that. Parang korean brand na tuloy :D

  9. Thanks Kumi! :D

    Even I was surprised by result. Hahaha kasi I put on too much blue nung umpisa, I wanted to cover it up to soften the color. At 'yan 'yung lumabas :D

  10. love the aqua blue effect aya! reminds me of my motif nung wedding ko hehe! :)

  11. Gorgeous. Love the gradient. I still need to try this type of mani

    BTW I tagged you for a badge. If you'd like to pick it up, it can be found at

  12. It's so preeeeeeeettttyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! *u* 

  13. Ang cool naman ng motif mo:D

  14. Thank you, dear! Will work on it :D


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