HBC Update: Lucky at 19! Anniversary Sale

Let's all greet HBC a happy anniversary/birthday! 

HBC has just turned 19! Yeeey! One more year to 20. HBC has been around providing really affordable skin care and beauty products for 19 years now. That's a long time already! I know you all know how I love shopping at HBC. You can read about my thoughts on their products *here.* What I like about HBC is that it's everywhere. I mean, there are HBC outlets in every place I frequent! Another (and more important) thing is that the products are so affordable! Despite their low prices, HBC products actually have decent and sometimes even impressive quality! One more thing I like about HBC is that they ALWAYS have a sale going on. As if their products aren't affordable enough!

And you all what this means, right????


Continue reading for more details :)

To celebrate their 19th anniversary, HBC is having a sale! This sale is open to HBC Exclusives members AND non-members :)

Discounted HBC products and a buy-1-take-1 promo on selected San San and Allue items... these are not only what await you. Present 19 HBC receipts obtained during the sale period and get a special anniversary gift! HBC Exclusives members celebrating their birthdays this January will also get a special treat! AND members will get a gift certificate for every P500 purchase of HBC products. 

Promo runs from January 6-31, 2012.

Kaya check niyo na ang pinakamalapit na HBC outlet diyan sa inyo and shop away! 'Wag kalimutan dalhin ang HBC Exclusives membership card, kung meron. Pang-dagdag points din 'yan! :)

Happy shopping to you, and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO HBC!

For more details about this and other HBC promos, check out HBC's Facebook page *here.*


  1. Wow! I didn't know 19 years na pala HBC..indeed, to surpass such long years meaning they don't just cater affordable products but quality too!! thanks for sharing this great info..I'm going to stop by hbc later...=)

  2. Wow, Thanks for sharing :)

  3. i just bought a the age defense liquid eyeliner for 50p! :)


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