Haul: December Goodies

Hi everyone! The holidays are over! Back to school, back to work, back to whatever you were doing. December's usually the "spending time of the year" but I didn't really shop a lot last month. I did buy and receive a few things, though. Most of the things I'll be showing you in this post were given to me for Christmas.

Candy Magazine back issues - 2011: P50, 2010: P40 (Booksale)
Etude House Matte Nail Polish #1 - P98
Lorys Fruit Cocktail Hair Cream - P148 (Landmark)
Pink feather earrings - P59.75 (Landmark)
Solemate Taupe Foldable Flats - P299 (SM Department Store)
Parisian white heels - P480 (SM Department Store)
The Body Shop Shower Kit - contains Strawberry Shower Gel and Shea Shower Cream
Seasons French Vanilla Shower Gel
Yves Rocher Yellow Peach Shower Gel
Brown beaded pouch
Halo cellphone pouch - P245 (SM Cyberzone)
Jollibee 2012 planner

Bought back issues of Candy Mag. I'm getting addicted! I can't help it! I'm enjoying reading Candy Mag now, especially the fashion section. I'm trying to 'improve' in the fashion aspect of my life ;]

These were all the available back issues at Booksale last time I checked. If they had more, I would've gotten those, too. Current year issues were sold for P50, while the earlier ones were sold for only P40.

Then when I was at Landmark the other week, I spotted this...

The fruit cocktail variant! I've been waiting for this to be available for forever. I've already tried the Shea Butter variant and I loved it! Posting review soon. The Fruit Cocktail variant is another one to love! It smells <3<3<3

I also bought another matte nail polish from Etude House. I now have 3 matte polishes from them.

This time, I bought a peach one. I was with my sister when I bought this. I made her test the color on her nails. I just loved that it looked so natural on her nails, I had to buy it. I've tried it on my nails just recently and it really does look a bit natural. It's like a peachy pink-nude shade :)

Then when I was at Landmark (again), I bought my third pair of feather earrings! I don't know why I don't visit the really-affordable-accessories section at Landmark often! I'm so dropping by there again.

I also bought new flats! I wasn't planning to buy flats the day I bought these, but when I saw how much they were being sold for, I tried them on immediately.

And I've been looking for affordable foldable flats for forever! It was my first time to notice the Solemate shoe stand at SM Dep't Store. Flats (of different designs) for only P299 per pair? I was sold! I even took my sister there after a few days and she got herself a pair, too.

I chose a neutral color. It goes with everything! ;]

This other pair, I got using the SM GC I got from my mom begged my mom to give to me. 

My sister said the design looked old-school. Hmmm, it kinda does. But I still find it nice :]

I'm actually after the height that these heels give me. Haha! And they're comfy, too :)

And now... the 'gifts.'

I got this shower gel from my friend Ia when we had our Christmas reunion/sleepover. I really really really missed my girls!

I'm excited to try this out! Thank you, Ia!!! <3

And here's another shower gel! I got this from my mom. Giving gifts to each other on Christmas is not really uso here in our house. But we do give and receive gifts during Christmas parties and reunions. My mom gets lots of gifts during Christmas time. The tradition is that I open her gifts and then choose which ones I take for myself. HAHA.

This came in a set, actually, but I chose just the shower gel because (if you haven't heard), I'm now a shower gel addict! Yeah, ever since I tried the Body Recipe shower gel. That shower gel changed my life! Really.

Another thing I "got" from my mom was this shower kit from The Body Shop. 

Inside are a shower gel, a shower cream and a bath sponge.

I've actually already tried the strawberry gel before and I loved it! Glad I now have more of it. It smells so sweet, I wanna eat drink whatever it! The shower cream, I'm really excited to try :D

The last of the things I got were these pouches. The brown one, I got from my mom (again). I fell in love with the little beady things! The other one, I got for my new phone.

I really really really like the brown-pink color scheme! :D

And, just for fun, I'm including this Jollibee planner in this haul. Hihi. If you follow me on Twitter, then you'd know that I was planning to get the Belle de Jour 2012 planner! But since I still don't have one, I can use this one for now.

I just got this from my dad who got it from Jollibee (duh). I didn't even know Jollibee's giving out planners!

Soooooo there! That's everything, I think! Thank you, thank you to my mom and my dad for 'the stuff.'

I just realized how many bottles of shower gel I now have!

Again, happy new year, everyone! I enjoyed most of 2011. Hopefully, I'll enjoy 2012 as well. Now, show me what you got yourself for Christmas! :D


  1. Love your hauls and gifts, especially the etude matte in peach! I'd love to try neutrals for a change soon. Happy New Year Aya, and happy to have blogged my way into meeting you!

  2. I didn't know Etude had matte polishes! And yeah the Parisian heels kinda look old school, but I actually like them! I would have gotten a pair too if I saw them. But...yeah I'm kinda broke right now. Hehe

    Happy new year!


  3. Aww. I used to be a Candy Council of Cool girl waaaaay back in the day. I can't read the mag now, though. I can't relate to it anymore. :( I feel so old...

  4. Great haul, Aya! :) Love the new flats you have and your Parisian shoes! Can't wait to see you wear them! ♥ Happy New Year!


  5. Yey! Happy new year, Mar! I hope to see you in person this 2012 :D

  6. Haha! Thanks Chrissy! Yeah, EH has mattes... This peachy one is my fave, followed by the chocolate one :D

    Happy new year! :D

  7. I'm not so 'young' anymore but I don't know why I still enjoy reading it. Hihi

  8. Hello, Arnie! Thank you :))) Happy new year!

  9. Awesome hauls and gifts! I don't know why I'm so lazy to do a haul..hhhmm..I guess its a way to prevent myself from spending more. lol. Please do a review on the flats that you bought in terms of comfort and durability. I've been seeing a lot of those in the market with various prices. :)


    Ms. PLP

  10. I'm gonna check out those Solemate Foldable flats. Thanks for the tip! :)

  11. I love your haul aya! You're a wise-spender i must say! Dami mong affordable finds! i think i need to go to Landmark more often rin!! :)

  12. Thanks Gie!!! I love yours as well!!!

  13. Hahaha! I will, I will :) Thanks Iya :)

  14. No problem-o! Hope you like them :)

  15. Hahaha impulsive, too! Landmark is <3


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