Giveaway Winners: 8 Ways to a Happy and Beautiful Christmas (Week 8)

Time to announce the winners of the final week of our HBC giveaway!!! I had so much fun doing this series with HBC. I'm going to miss it, for sure! Thank you so much to EVERYONE who joined the any of the 8 giveaways, and special thanks to those who supported the giveaway series starting from week one up to week 8.

I hope you all have a wonderful 2012! Thank you for all the support you've given HBC and my blog <3

Now, let me announce the winners of 4 bath soaps from Body Recipe :D

I decided to just generate BOTH winners randomly via the Fruit Machine.

Congratulations to...

Liza Marie Valenzuela
Camille Quiambao

HBC and I will send you ladies an e-mail and please respond to it ASAP.

Here is Liza's answer.
A happy and beautiful christmas for me, is being with your friends and loved ones. Sharing moments and not wasting time by being with each other, enjoying each others company and sharing your love and care for one another.
Thanks, Liza! We all have different ways on how we celebrate this holiday but nothing beats celebrating with people we love :D

Here's Camille's answer :)
A happy and beautiful Christmas for me is when my family is together in celebrating the birthday of Jesus.  There is also a smile in my heart when I feel God's presence in forgiveness, charity and peace. The joy within gives a glow that makes me beautiful.
Thank you sooo much, Camille, for reminding us what the REAL reason for celebrating Christmas is. In the middle of everything - celebration, the gift-giving, spending time with family and friends...- we need to remember why we have this holiday in the first place. 

And once again, a HUGE THANKS to everyone for supporting this and the other HBC giveaways!!! I hope the winners enjoy their prizes :D

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