Emptied: Favorites

Hey there! Another 'empties' post, yey! So here are the products I was able to finish up last month.

Lorys Shea Butter Hair Cream
The Body Shop Strawberry  Shower Gel
The Face Shop Herb Day Cleansing Wipes
The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX Nail Polish Remover (01 Pink)
Pond's Oil Solution Pore-Conditioning Toner
Body Recipe Face Cleansing Cream

The shea butter hair cream is AMAZING! I bought another tub but of another variant - the Fruit Cocktail one. As for the wipes, I found them really convenient especially during those times that I was just too lazy to use a legit makeup remover/cleanser after a long day of wearing makeup. I always have to have wipes on my dresser now, so I'm gonna purchase more. If you have suggestions on good cleansing wipes, let me know! The shower gel from TBS was another one I loved! I'm not gonna buy shower gels anytime soon, though, as I still have a lot of shower gels to use up as of the moment. I even got another bottle of the TBS shower gel last Christmas. YEY! As for the nail polish remover, I think I like the Etude House one more. As for the toner, I decided to purchase a Celeteque toner instead of another bottle of my favorite Pond's ones. Lastly, the face cream... it's like a cheaper version of Pond's cold cream. I'll post reviews of both products :)

So there! I know this 'empties' post is nothing compared to my haul posts but at least I got to finish some products. Out with the old, in with the new! ;P


  1. Aya!!!! Great haul! ♥ Btw, what are your thoughts on the Pond's toner? I'm planning to buy one kasi since hiyang ako sa Pond's products ever since! Thanks babe! 

  2. The celeteque toner is the best! Tried both variants already! I can't wait to read your review on it Aya! ^_^



  3. aww good job on finishing stuff up! i wish i do but i buy too fast haha i cant catch up

  4. yey for the empty stuff!!! time to replenish now...hehhehe

  5. It's my fave toner! Hihi but it's not alcohol-free. Hiyang na hiyang din ako sa Pond's! Haha :D

  6. Haha! Making room for new stuff ;-)

  7. hehe I love how you do 'empties' posts!


  8. Empties for me are kind of bitter sweet. I love that I used up the product and got my money's worth but at the same time hate that it's gone :(

    ChrissyVisit my makeup blog!

  9. Ang swerte mo hiyang ka sa Ponds, mura sya e. Di ko masabi kung sya ang nakakapagcause ng breakout sakin, I don't think fair kasi minsan nagpupuyat din ako.


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