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Snoe Beauty Inc. has been around for more than a year now. After hearing about Snoe for the first time, I quickly checked out their Facebook page. I mean, how can I not be interested in a brand named 'Snoe,' right? Ok, so I was on their FB page... I browsed through their products and was caught by the cute packaging and the really catchy labels of their products!

Snoe Beauty is a local brand that creates and distributes products ranging from skin care to makeup to scents.

Snoe tries to produce effective yet reasonably priced products with high-quality ingredients. Snoe products are designed to address skin problems and imperfections, but since people have different skin types, Snoe also tries to cater to everyone's specific skin type and needs. With these, Snoe Beauty is known to provide high-quality products that give you beauty and value for your money. This is why I became so excited when I got an invitation to attend Snoe's first bloggers event about a week ago. I was really excited to learn more about the brand and try out their products!

The beauties behind Snoe - Ms. Gen (left) and Ms. Jen (right) 
Snoe was founded on February 2010 by Jen Gerodias-Diaz and her sister-in-law, Gen Enriquez-Gerodias, who are quite the beauty junkies themselves. Snoe (pronounced as 'snow-ee') was named after Ms. Jen's only daughter nicknamed Noe. When Noe was born, many said that she's white as snow, hence the name Snoe. Hmmm... I wonder what people thought of me when I was born, and what brand name we could have gotten from that ;P

We were introduced to the different Snoe products. This part's always interesting because the products are what we're after. So here are some of Snoe's bestselling and interesting products :)

Snoe White Beauty Bars

Snoe beauty bars are made through the cold process of soap-making. Naturally, I did a little research on what makes the cold process special. Honestly, I missed researching and writing about chemistry-related stuff <3 #nerd

So here's a not-so-short account of how soaps are made.
There are three methods of batch soaping - cold process, semi-boiled process and fully-boiled process. Basically, in the cold process, the reaction mixture is kept at room temperature. In the mixture, you have your main ingredients (lye and oils) in specific proportions. The mixture is mixed and then transferred to moulds. While the mixture is left to harden, the reaction still proceeds. When the mixture is hard enough, it is then cut and shaped... And then you have your soap. In the chemical reaction involved in making soaps, glycerin is produced as a side product. Since the glycerin produced is not removed from the reaction mixture in cold-process soaping, the final soap is glycerin-rich. Glycerin is known to have many benefits to the skin, one of which is that it attracts moisture, keeping your skin hydrated. Also, sometimes in cold processes, the ingredients are combined in a proportion where there will be a bit of excess oil/fat at the end of the reaction. That's also good because excess fat helps condition the skin. Too much fat, though, will make the soap feel oily on the skin. 
In the semi-boiled process, the reaction is allowed to proceed at a higher temperature, and it is essentially complete by the time the mixture is poured into moulds. Like in the cold process, glycerin is not removed from the mixture as the reaction proceeds so the final product is also glycerin-rich. 
In the fully-boiled process, the reaction is allowed to proceed at an even higher temperature, making it proceed even faster than in the semi-boiled process. The soap is then removed from the mixture and separated from the excess liquid which now contains glycerin and some unnecessary components, leaving you with a purer soap.

OK! Hope you got something out of that. Ms. Jen compared the soaping processes with vegetables. Simply put, imagine raw veggies and cooked veggies. Which batch of vegetables do you think contains more nutrients? :)

Snoe beauty bars are made with coconut oil, and there are 12 variants available, which is just really convenient since we don't all have the same skin type and skin concerns. These soaps are also relatively larger in size (150g/bar) than regular soaps.

Price: P139

Variants available:
  • Extra Strength Kojic (No. 1)
  • Extra Strength Glutathione (No. 2)
  • Special Kojic and Glutathione Combo (No. 3)
  • Lightening Licorice (No. 4)
  • Vitamin C Rich Calamansi (No. 5)
  • Antibacterial Brightening Citronella (No. 6)
  • Organic Papaya (No. 7)
  • Organic Green Papaya (No. 8)
  • Exfoliating Oatmeal (No. 9)
  • Special Black Bleaching (No. 10)
  • Rejuventating Collagen (No. 11)
  • Maximum Whitening Moringa (No. 12)

I heard that the oatmeal bar is amazing! Will buy that after I finish all the bars I have here :)

Snoe Instant White SPF 45 Sun Lotion - Here Comes the Sunblock

This sunblock does not only protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun, it also moisturizes and whitens. I like that this doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy! I've tried it and it really does whiten instantly. And I think that as you keep on using it, the whitening process will continue. You can thank the bengkoang (singkamas) for that ;P

Price: P199

Fizzy Clean Foaming Hand Sanitizers
Unlike regular hand sanitizers, Fizzy Clean sanitizers are foamy and when spread onto the skin, the consistency changes into something that's a bit lotion-like. And I like that the scents of these sanitizers are super pleasant but not very strong!

Price: P179

Variants available:
  • Pleasant Peach
  • Green Tea
  • Lavander Brew
  • Sky Mist
  • Cherry Pop

Snoe Glam Jam Lip and Cheek Tints

These tints smell REALLY REALLY NICE! Especially Goddess. It smells like real chocolate... Mmmm... good enough to eat! By the way, all Snoe makeup items are also infused with skin care ingredients, so your skin also benefits from your regular usage of these products.

Price: P119

Variants available:
  • Crush (orange)
  • Goddess (chocolate)
  • Blush (pink)
  • Scarlet (red)

Snoe Beso Balm

"Warning: Prolonged usage (of this lip balm) may attract the opposite gender and cause intense flirting." Ha! But seriously, the label does say that ;P

Snoe's version of a lip balm is not just a lip balm. Yes, it keeps the lips moisturized, but it plumps and soothes the lips and freshens breath, too. It contains menthol which is one of the famous lip-plumping ingredients. I'm not so fond of using lip plumpers because I'm afraid of the irritating and tingling sensation that they usually bring. I don't find the Beso Balm harsh on my lips at all, though. I know you're asking how a lip product can freshen the breath, too. Just apply this on your lips and then drink water. It's as simple as that :)

Price: P149

Snoe Hair Heroes

The Hair Heroes are now here to save you from your bad hair day! There are three variants available - a cleansing conditioner, a cream shampoo and a cream conditioner. Unlike regular shampoos and cleansing products, all Hair Heroes variants do not contain SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) and SLES (sodium laureth sulfate) which are great foaming and cleansing agents but are potentially irritating and drying. Despite the fact that these products are sulfate-free, they still can cleanse your hair. Just don't expect them to lather up, though.

Price: P499

Variants available:
  • Intense Argan Oil - Moroccan Liquid Gold
  • Honey Olive Clementine - Damage Recovery Cream Shampoo
  • Honey Olive Clementine - Damage Recovery Cream Conditioner

I'm still getting used to using a non-lathering shampoo but I'm planning to try these out once I'm done with my current shampoo and hair cream.

So those are some of Snoe's famous products. I did tell you that the packaging is cute and the product labels are catchy, right? They look really promising! AND THEY SMELL SOOOO NICE! Even the sunblock smells good! Just imagine how excited I became when the Snoe team gave us bloggers some products to try out :D

Happy White Ever After Massage and Bath Oil
Fizzy Clean Green Tea Foaming Sanitizer
Instant White Sun Lotion
Singkamas soap (hasn't been released, I think)
Handy Candy Lip Color Keychain (recently released)
Beso Balm
Citronella Beauty Bar
Glam Jam Crush Lip and Cheek Tint

I'm already trying out some of the products now :) 

Thanks to the Snoe Beauty team for giving me the opportunity to learn more and try out their products!
Fellow bloggers and I while listening to the presentation
(Photo from Snoe's FB page)
With the women behind Snoe, Jen and Gen.
They do test and use their own products on themselves :)

Not only was I able to learn about a new brand, I was also able to see familiar faces (hello, Gellie, Ar-Ey and Danica!) and meet new bloggers (hello, Karla and France!) and also meet, for the first time, the bloggers whose blogs I've been following since I started blogging (hello, Bec, Kumi, Char, Martha and Arg!) :D

Karla - Fashiongasm
France - The Beauty Venture
Ar-ey - Style Within
Danica - Danica Vasquez Tumbler
Gellie - So Gelleesh
Kumiko Mae -
Bec - My Gorgeous Pink Cheeks
Char - Yellow Yum
Martha - The Beauty Junkee
Arg - The Beauty Bin

Soooo yeah, what do you think of Snoe and its products? Do any of these products interest you? Some definitely sparked my interest! Well, if you want to know more about Snoe and its products, check out the following info!

You can see the products yourself by visiting Snoe outlets at the following locations.
  • Glorietta, Makati - Cinderella, ground floor
  • Festival Mall, Alabang - ground floor
  • SM Muntinlupa - Fashion Ave., 2nd floor
  • SM Valenzuela - ground floor
  • Landmark Trinoma
  • Robinsons Galleria
  • Market Market

Note: Product photos from Snoe's website.


  1. Hi Aya! It was nice to meet you! :)

  2. mygorgeouspinkcheeksDecember 12, 2011 at 8:58 PM

    See you soon Aya! x

  3. i recently discover snoe in cinderella at glorietta, last 2 weeks ago ^.^ I want to try them all but I don't have any money at the moment. I bought the beso balm, cuz it really caught my attention especially the warning and it instruction XD it was really funny. I also want to buy the glam jam because damn, the smell is just so resistable! I want to taste and eat the balm so bad, but when I tasted in my lips, I was like yuckkkk >:P haha but still I love the smell <3 haha

  4. Nice to meet you too, France! Hope to see you again sometime :)

  5. Hahaha! Grabe the Glam Jamp tints smell sooooo good enough to eat!!! Fave ko ung chocolate talaga. :D

  6. thanks for the detailed post aya. :)

  7. Nice meeting you dear! :D

  8. You too, Martha! Big fan of your blog :D

  9. Hey Aya! Have you tried the Goddess tint too? I'm trying to decide between Crush and Goddess but I'd like your opinion. Thanks!

  10. Hello Victoria! I only have Crush. It gives a very subtle hint of orange on my cheeks. On my lips, it leaves a natural orange tint :) I haven't tried Goddess yet eh :))) 

  11. Hey Aya! love the detailed post on the products! I have to get my hands on the sunblock and the argan pil.:) 

    followed your blog na. I'm back to blogging..



  12. Hi Iya! YEY I'm so glad to know you're back! The sunblock smells so nice! :D Followed your new blog na :D


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