Review: Allue Eau de Colognes

Hi everyone! I feel like I haven't written anything in ages! Anyway, I'm here with another product review. This is gonna be a bit different, though, because I'll be talking about... colognes! 

I know you've heard me talk about the HBC brand Allue hundreds of times already. Allue (My First) products are directed towards younger customers, say preteens to teens (tweens) starting out with makeup, hence the 'My First.' Allue has a wide selection of personal care products like pressed powders, eyeshadows, lippies, blushes, bronzers, tints, mascaras, nail polishes, lotions, colognes, etc. - not the 'heavy' kind of makeup, of course. These color cosmetics are just mildly formulated to suit a tween's delicate skin, and are safe to use as they are certified by the Food and Drugs Administration.

I've already posted about the Allue lip conditioner and their water-based nail polishes. This time I'm gonna tell you about the Allue Eau de Colognes.

L - Fairy Tale: Gossamer Wings Eau de Cologne
R - Girl Next Door: Cheer Me Up Eau de Cologne

Description (from HBC): Feel and smell explicitly gorgeous by just a spritz of Allue Eau de Colognes. Allue My First has three lines that depict the pesonality of the modern tween - Glam Rock, Fairy Tale, and Girl Next Door.

Ingredients: Aqua, ethyl alcohol, fragrance, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, colorants.

If you have read most of my product reviews, then you would know that I'm a bit particular about the scent or smell of the products I use, especially if they're for the face. I want the stuff I put on my face and on the rest of my body to smell as nice as possible. Who doesn't want that? I mean, we all want to smell good, right? That's the whole point of fragrances!

One of the things I like about these colognes is that they smell really light and refreshing, and the scents are not strong at all. These scents don't give me headaches ;P

Allue Gossamer Wings Eau de Cologne 
Gossamer Wings, I like! This one smells really nice! It has a very fresh, girly, airy and a teenie tiny hint of floral scent.

Allue Cheer Me Up Eau de Cologne
Cheer Me Up also has a very light and fresh scent but it is less girly than Gossamer Wings.

The scent wear time differs depending on how active I am when I'm wearing the cologne. When I go out and expose myself under the sun, the scent just usually lasts about two hours on my skin. When I just stay at home, the scent lasts longer. I tried spraying one time before going to bed, and when I woke up the scent was still there!

I like how refreshing these colognes smell! I use Gossamer Wings after taking a bath for that 'fresh' scent. I'd say these are perfect to give as gifts to your young(er) friends, especially now that the holidays are coming up. 

There are a total of 6 variants from this scent line.
  • Allue Fairy Tale Gossamer Wings (shown above)
  • Allue Fairy Tale Pixie Dust
  • Allue Fairy Tale Magic Wand
  • Allue Girl Next Door Cheer Me Up (shown above)
  • Allue Girl Next Door Feel so Fuzzy
  • Allue Girl Next Door Oh so Pretty

These are available at HBC outlets and each retails for only P90 for 100 mL of product. Click *here* to see the other available colognes from Allue. 

For more information about Allue and other HBC products, visit the following pages.

Disclaimer: Products were sent by the company for review but the views and opinions expressed in this post are purely mine and based on my own experience with the products.


  1. I remember as a child they have products like Lipsmackers, Healing Garden and other ones dedicated to younger gals :) I always loved the smells!

  2. Haha! I just like how light they smell! I don't usually find 'light' scents in fragrances for older customers. One reason to keep using products for tweens. Hahaha

  3. haven't tried this but i'll try to go to hbc haha! maganda din ito pang bigay ngayon xmas. ;)

  4. True! I'm gonna give some myself sa friends kong 'bata' haha :D


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