Haul: Packages and Paper Bags

Hi everyone! I'm very very happy because I recently got my packages from Caronia and from Unilab. Why did I receive packages from them? Well, it's because I won their contests! Yeeeey!

I always get excited when I pick up or get packages in the mail. I always love walking around in just about any place while carrying shopping paper bags (not empty ones, though) with me. ALWAYS.

Read on to know what's inside of these paper bags :D

I regularly join Caronia's monthly promo on their website. I actually have already won once a few months ago. You can read about my prizes *here.* Even though I've already won before, I still got excited when I saw my name included in the October winners list :D

I just claimed my package last week (haha late much?) and was surprised to see the 'new' Caronia paper bag.

Inside the bag are... 

...a polka-dot pouch, eight bottles of nail polish, a mouse pad and a note pad. Four of the shades I got, I already have in my current nail polish stash, so I gave the extras away as Christmas gifts. The mouse pad, I'm already using and loving right now :)

Thank you so much, Caronia, for these! I am definitely still joining the future promos :D

And then, just before I claimed my Caronia package, I found out that I won Unilab's Twitter retweet contest. Yeeeeey again!

My prizes were stuff from Asian Secrets. I was soooo excited, I swear, because I've been wanting to try out Asian Secrets for forever! I heard that their body scrub is just awesome.

Inside the bag are...

...a bar of bengkoang soap with olive oil and a tub of the Lulur Indonesian Whitening body scrub. I'm suuuper excited to try the body scrub! I know you've heard me rave about the Body Recipe body scrub a hundred of times already but who knows... maybe this Asian Secrets one might just trump my favorite body scrub. Thank you, Unilab, for these!

Soooo that's it for this post! You might wanna join Caronia's monthly promo, too! Just go to their website *here* and answer the month's question. And there are super duper many retweet contests going on on Twitter that you might wanna join, too! Just retweet awaaaaay! :D


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