NOTD and Review: OMG Cracked Nail Polish Part 1 - Gray

Hellooooo! Remember the two OMG crack polishes I showed you in my latest haul post? Crack polishes used to be really cool and hard-to-get because of the price. They are usually more expensive than regular polishes. I only have one other crack polish in my stash and that's from Etude House and priced at P198 per bottle. Click *here* to see that on my nails. 

Anyway, you can now get your hands on crack polishes without spending more than a hundred pesos! The local nail polish brand Klik now has a line of crack nail polishes priced at only P34.75 per bottle. There are a lot of shades to choose from. I've heard mixed reviews about these polishes but I still decided to try them out for myself. I just don't see myself spending almost P200 (again) just for a bottle of nail polish that I'm probably just gonna use once. I bought two shades - one that has a regular matte finish and one that has shimmers in it.

I'm gonna talk about the shimmery one first. It's not everyday that I see crack nail polishes with shimmers!

Nails of the day with OMG Cracked nail polish in Gray.

The thing about crack polishes is that they dry really quickly. Have you noticed that matte polishes tend to crack (just a teeeensy bit) after a few days? I did notice that with my Etude House crack polishes (read *this* and *this*). So I look at crack nail polishes as matte polishes that dry way more quickly. The Etude House crack nail polish dries really really really quickly, making it hard to apply. If you didn't get the first layer right, the cracks wouldn't look as good.

This OMG polish is different. The formula is thin and so watery that it becomes runny overtime, and you have to shake it well before usage because it separates overtime. But the thing I like about this polish is that I can apply two layers without ending up with weird cracks!

The first layer is too light for me, and the cracks are too small, so I usually put on two coats. This is what it looks like after applying two layers.

Two layers applied
L: With flash
R: Without flash
As you can see, the finish is matte and the shimmers aren't obvious. To make the shimmers show up, I topped everything off with clear polish.

Two coats plus top coat
L: Without top coat
R: With top coat
With top coat, the true gray color and the shimmers show up. I love this crack polish shade over a white base. I'm still practicing my color-matching. What other base colors do you think will look good with this gray? Share! :D

Thumbs up:
  • Toluene- and DBP-free
  • Inexpensive - priced at ~P35 per bottle
  • Many shades to choose from
  • Easy to apply
  • Dries quickly
  • Cracks show up nicely

Thumbs down:
  • Formula is so thin that the first coat is too light for me and the polish itself can be too watery and runny overtime
  • Polish separates overtime - Gentle shaking solves this problem
  • Most shades are usually out of stock

So all in all, I like this nail polish! It matches its price. It's very easy to apply and the cracks are nice. I have to say, though, that the other OMG crack polish I bought has a bit different formula than this one. I'm gonna talk about that one in another post :)

Soooo, if you're looking for inexpensive crack polishes, go to Landmark Department Stores now and check out these OMG polishes. They're only ~P35, anyway :)


  1. oh my word! its such a steal for Php.35!!!  I can't wait for visit trinoma soon! 



  2. I so want to try those out too. Although I did bought some crackling polish a few days ago that I still have to try out. Great review, Aya! :)

  3. that looks so good on your hands, unfortunately i am still a crack nail polish virgin!

  4. Right??? It's pretty good for its price :)

  5. Thanks Dawn! Yeah, I saw your crack polish post :D Try these OMG ones too :D

  6. Hahaha! Try some soon! Instant nail art, as I call it :)

  7. Paige Seven BautistaDecember 27, 2011 at 4:32 PM

    I've been searching for affordable crack polish in the local market for months! Thanks for sharing this! :D

  8. No prob! Let me know if you like the polishes :)

  9. Where is this available? Haha, na-curious ba. Wow, I really want to check it out. For 35php I dont think I'd feel bad at all for buying it.

  10. would love to have the crack nail polish... like it...
    hey I give you award, please check it out ;)

  11. I got mine from Landmark Trinoma :D

    True! They're so inexpensive na hindi ka manghihinayang pag di mo nagustuhan :)

  12. Thanks, dear! Checking it out now :D


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