Not an Ambush but a Makeover

Hello!!! Do you remember the show Ambush Makeover? I remember watching that a few years ago. Every time I see or hear the word 'makeover' anywhere, I immediately skip to the part that shows the before-and-after pics. I mean, that's what I really want to see... the transformation!

Anyway, thanks to my friend Ann of, I found out about The Body Shop's free makeover sessions featuring their new Smoke & Sparkle collection.

Oh, by the way, read on until the last part of this post for a funny story :)

I actually planned on getting the makeover for myself but I thought I would enjoy it more if I were a spectator ion. So I asked my sister to come and take advantage of this free makeover. FYI, my sister, unlike me, doesn't put on makeup regularly at all. We went to TBS's Trinoma branch for the makeover and Ms. Carissa was our makeup artist.

First thing she did was cleanse and prep the face for makeup application using the following products.

L: Vitamin E Hydrating toner
R: Vitamin C Energising Facial Spritz
Then it was time for the makeup. I was observing what she was doing the whole time. Haha stalker much? ;P

While waiting, I tried out TBS products and browsed through their face chart compilation.

For the face, she used Lightening Touch for concealing and lightening, and the cream foundation and loose powder from the new Extra Virgin Mineral collection.

With foundation and concealer on
For the eyes, she used the gold palette from the new Smoke & Sparkle collection.

Colour Eye Palette (02) Gold
Here's the list of the products used...

Moisture White Shiso BB Cream
Extra Virgin Minerals Cream Compact Foundation
Lightening Touch
Extra Virgin Minerals Loose Powder Foundation
Colour Eye Palette (02) Gold
Eye Definer
Lip & Cheek Stain

...and, of course, the before-and-after pic!

What do you think? 

"Smokey eyes, glossy lips, and sparkle!"

Ms. Carissa did a great job! I love how she groomed and defined my sister's brows. I can never make my brows look like that. Hah. 

And TBS gave us a sample of their new fragrance - White Musk Libertine Eau de parfum. WML is also availaible as Eau de toilette, a body wash, a lotion, and a body mist.

"The floral musk... sensual, playful, and feminine."

And that's it for this mini-makeover! Hopefully, next time I'd be the one to give the makeover. ;P

Check out The Body Shop's *website* and *Facebook page* to check out their new products! :D

After the makeover, my sister and I went to watch Breaking Dawn (3rd time for me). We were 15 minutes late to the movie because of the makeover and when we got in the theater, there's this couple sitting on our seats! I'll spare you from my long and madaldal version of the story. Bottom line: My sister and I were not able to get our original seats back but we ended up enjoying the movie on our very comfy reclining seats for no additional charge. Thanks kay Kuya Guard, sa recliners niya kami pinaupo! Sige, agawan niyo pa kami ng upuan. Subukan lang. 

Ok, that's it for now. Hope you guys enjoy the holidays!!! :D


  1. The feisty Aya! I'm sure the couple were like, oh no. we should scram! lol. anyhow, your sister is very pretty like you! extend my regards to her. :)



  2. Wow! Your sister looks so good with TBS' makeover! ♥


  3. Carissa is also the one who did my makeover at The Body Shop at SM Megamall! Your sis is really pretty! And the makeup enhanced it more! Merry Christmas, Aya! :)

  4. Hahaha! They didn't budge but because they didn't, we ended up with better seats :D

    Thanks Iya! Happy holidays :D

  5. Thanks Arnie! Happy holidays :)

  6. Cooool! Thanks Dawn! Happy holidays to you and Trace! :D

  7. You're sister looks pretty with or without make-up. :) Nice ng make-over sa TBS. :D

  8. Thanks Myrted! Yeah, nice nga :D

  9. Hahaha! Thanks Charles! Happy holidays :D

  10. Your sister is pretiness ha aya!! MIss you na Merry Christmas!!!

  11. Thanks Jade! Happy holidays :)


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