Haul: Tri. No. Ma.

Hellooooooo! I know, I know... you miss my haul posts. Haha just kidding! Anyway, if you follow me on Twitter, you must know how often (and I mean really, really often) I go to Trinoma. I guess it all started a few months ago, with my chem boards review classes at Quezon Ave. and Trinoma/SM North being just a P10-train ride away. I actually spend more time now at Trinoma than at SM malls. My SM advantage card is not very happy right now.

This haul post is looooong-overdue but whatever ;P

My Trinoma must-visits:
  • Landmark Department Store
  • Saizen
  • Vente

Twirl-a-Tie necktie hooks - P99.75
Small synthetic brush - P39.75
Nichido TruLashes eyelash adhesive - P60
OMG Cracked nail polishes - P34.75
Pink bead necklace - P99
Flower rings - P20
Hearts dangling earrings - P20

I saw Judy (itsjudytime) and Benji's Japanese store haul a several weeks ago and wanted one of those necktie hooks that Benji bought. I couldn't find one in Saizen but I saw some at Ace Hardware (SM MOA). MOA? I thought this was a Trinoma haul?! Haha! I got these the same day I got the other stuff, so I guess it's ok for me to include them here ;P

I got the size for neckties but there are ones that have more widely-separated arms for belts. Oh, by the way, I don't use these for neckties. I use these to 'organize' my necklaces.

Then I bought some accessories from Vente. I love the Vente outlet at Trino. It's sooo huge!

These rings remind me of those cake-flowers that I love eating ^_^

And then I got these really cheap cracked polishes from Klik OMG. Compared to the Etude House crack polish, these are way cheaper. The consistency is also very different.

I'll be posting NOTDs/reviews soon :)

And lastly, I bought another tube of Nichido's eyelash adhesive and a small synthetic brush from Landmark. Looooots of decent and inexpensive makeup brushes there! I needed a concealer brush and this one looked decent. I actually wanted to buy other brushes but I kept reminding myself... "You don't need more brushes. You don't."

So there! Christmas is coming and I hope my 2011 Christmas haul will be just as 'huge' as my 2010 haul. *now waiting for $$$ to fall from the sky*

Ok, that's it for now! Don't forget to join my HBC Week 5 giveaway! HBC is giving away mascaras and lash curlers. This week's theme: Ooohhh-la-lash!

And I also just posted another giveaway, which is open internationally (YEY)! Get a chance to win 3 really awesome shades of nail polish from piCture pOlish! Click *here* to join :)


  1. Great haul Aya! Wanna buy that necktie hook din for necklaces! Great idea! :D

  2. i love the rings!

  3. Love your haul, Aya! I love TriNoma and I shop their most of the time, too!


  4. I love hauls! Great one, by the way :)

  5. great haul aya, the rings are sooo pretty <3

  6. I bought the same lash glue! not as good as etude's free glue. hehe

  7. Thanks! Hardware stores are the perfect place to get organizers :D

  8. I do too! They're not very matibay, though, but still... they're cute :D

  9. Thanks Arnie! Who knows, maybe I'll bump into you one of these days?! Haha :D

  10. Really? Gotta buy lashes from Etude, then! :D

  11. Thanks!!! Even though they don't look sturdy, I still got them for their cuteness. Haha

  12. Cute hauls! Especially the crack nail, the pink one is so pretty *w*

  13. Thanks! It's pretty ok for a crack polish :D

  14. gusto ko yung nail polish! ang cute ng blog mo Aya! ^_^

    i hope, we can follow each other! =)

    please check out my newest post about HEEL-LESS SHOES @ y0u! ϡ

  15. Thanks dear! I read your post. Read my comment :D


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