Giveaway Winners: 8 Ways to a Happy and Beautiful Christmas (Week 4)

Hey! I'm sorry I haven't posted much for the past week. Anyway, let us start the week with some good news! It's time for me to announce the winners of the Week 4 HBC Christmas giveaway :)))

Last week was all about the cheeks. When I'm in a hurry, I skip concealing and doing my eyes. I can go out with just sheer foundation, lipstick and, of course, blush. Blush gives instant color to the face, and I try not to skip applying it. Without blush, I feel that my "look" isn't complete. I have combination to oily skin so I usually use matte blushes than shimmery ones. I still like using blushes with a bit of sheen or shimmer, though, because I like how they highlight my cheeks - no need to use a separate highlighter. Anyway, Two of my favorite blushes are from HBC - the San San Blush On in #03 and the San San Cheek Blusher in Rosy Blush. I'm gonna do a San San blushes review soon so watch out for that :)

Thank you to all who joined the Week 4 giveaway and shared their kilig moments! Now here are the winners!

Congratulations to...

Arra Morta


Gessa Marie Condino

HBC and I will send you ladies an e-mail and please respond to it ASAP.

Here is Arra's WINNING ANSWER!
My handsome hubby never fails to make me blush very single day! Here's his failprof ways that really makes me blush everttime:
  • an unexpected compliment (who will not blush when the one you love says your the most beautiful even you just wakeup?..)
  • when he calls me sweet names such as ""honey and babe"" in front of his friends.(he's proud of me!)
  • when he lovingly pulls my cheek and tells me that im the cutest girl ever.(i feel like a kiddie!)
  • when he tells me that I'm the most beautiful beautiful girl he knows (goodbye anne curtis!)LOL
  • and the last but not the least is when he embraces me from behind,kiss me in my nape and whispers in my ears the words ""I'm Yours forever""...(the blood rushes from the tips on my toes to my cheeks!)..:)
his photo:!/photo.php?fbid=2189037135798&set=a.2189031935668.128312.1543194481&type=3&theater
Thank you, Arra, for sharing! I'm sure you're blushing as you re-read your answer :)

And for the random selection of the other winner, I used Fruit Machine. There were a total of 18 participants and 100 valid entries. 

Here's Gessa's answer :)
Well don't bother read the caption on it. well, he's the guy who makes me blush everyday. Because he's the father of my son, and of course the man of my life aside from my dad and bros. :) He made me blush simply because what he does before (that we dont have child) until now stay still. :) No reason to hate him. well there are some times but i dont mind imperfections because it does exist. :)
Thank you, Gessa, for sharing and for reminding us that there are no "perfect" people!

Thank you, thank you, thank you very much to all those who joined the last weeks' giveaway! Please stay tuned for this week's giveaway, ok? 4 more to go!!! :D


  1. Yey!Thank you Ms.Aya!......

  2. wow.. thank you so much Miss AYA and to HBC! :D


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