Giveaway: 8 Ways to a Happy and Beautiful Christmas (Week 5) -CLOSED-

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Oh, hello! We're now on our 5th week of the HBC Christmas giveaway!

Everyone wants to enjoy the upcoming holidays and to help you enjoy, HBC is sharing with you 8 ways to a happy and beautiful Christmas. Each week for 8 weeks, we will be sharing tips and featuring HBC products which you can win just by simply answering the question of the week.

This week's topic is another thing I'm really interested in - eyelashes. I am one of those people who have short and sparse lashes. I want my lashes to become (or, at least, to look) longer and fuller, and we have mascaras, false eyelashes, lash growth serums, etc. for that!


Week 5

Beautiful eyes that steal the show. Treat your lashes to a week of TLC.

Did you know that mascaras existed way back in 3,500 BC? Egyptians used bone and ivory as mascara applicators, and blended kohl with crocodile dung, water and honey to create the first mascara. They were primarily used as protection against eye ailments. Egyptians lined their eyes with kohl and used the mascara to deepen their lashes. Because eyes were believed to be the windows of the soul, they concealed them to ward off any evil spirits and bad energy. (Wikipedia)

A dab of mascara goes a long way. Whether it’s lengthening or volumizing that you’d like to achieve, choosing the right products to hype your eyelashes is essential to bringing out the star in you. If you’d like to sport a natural look, go for clear mascaras. They’re perfect for separating lashes without the risk of clumps. Colored mascaras highlight your lash features like San San Thick Lash and San San Long Lash mascaras. Before putting on your eye-opening makeup, caress your lashes with a curler. Ready to flash those tantalizing eyes? Take home the power of three by answering this week’s question.

Crocodile dung? Wow.

Question of the week: Do you believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Why or why not?

Happy Beautiful Christmas!


Here are the mechanics of this giveaway. Please read and follow the rules carefully. You might miss something ;]

  • This giveaway is open to Philippine residents only.
  • To qualify for this and the upcoming giveaways, you MUST:
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      • BONUS QUESTION: If you were an Egyptian living in 3500 BC, would you use crocodile dung as an ingredient of your mascara? Yes or no? :)
  • Fill up the form below to submit your entries. Only entries submitted through the submission form will be acknowledged.
  • Week 5 giveaway runs from December 5-11, 2011.
  • Two (2) winners will be chosen every week. The participant with the best answer will be selected as a winner. The second winner will be chosen randomly.
  • I will contact the winners after one week and s/he will be given 2 days to respond. Failure to respond within the given time limit will cause the winner to forfeit the prize.
  • The prizes must be claimed at the nearest HBC store.

Have fun answering! Stay tuned for four more giveaways coming up! :)

Disclaimer: Prizes provided by the company for giveaway purposes. Winners will have to claim the prizes themselves at the nearest HBC branch.


  1. hi,, how to Post this giveaway on my blog sidebar??

  2. Hi, I just joined! Thanks! :)

  3. hi ate aya,, i have another question.. i posted both on facebook and on twitter,, panu po un? e isa lang po ung nasa box sa taas.. either of the two po ba? kahit 2 sites nagpost?? tnx ate.. anyway.. i love your giveaway.. sayang lng kasi naun ko lng nabasa.. i'm seven weeks late.. =/ tnx ate.hope you can understand filipino

  4. crocodile dung as an ingredient of my mascara?? definitely NO!!

    CROODILE DUNG - taking crocodile poop and mixing it with a solution consisting of honey and sodium bicarbonate which is used like a tampon. TAMPON is some soft material inserted in the vagina.

    It's like mixing my own dirt with my facial wash, GROSSSSSSS!! i'd rather get a honey, black ink, lemon and egg then mix it for me eyelashes..  HEALTHY pa.. =) by the way, crocodile dung was use/used as CONTRACEPTIVE..

  5. Facebook or Twitter. You only need to post sa isa :D

    Thank you Laila! Don't worry, may weeks 6-8 pa after nito! :)

    AND OF COURSE, nakakaintindi ako ng Filipino. Haha :D

  6. Yes, I believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For me, beauty must not be captive to perfection; hence, must not be boxed by society's standards. Every woman, every person, has the ability to glow and be beautiful in her own way. I also believe that the most beautiful women are the happiest ones. Because even though it may sound cliche, genuine beauty really springs from within. 

    Re: Bonus Question - I would not, in any way, use crocodile dung as part of my beauty regimen! I'd use natural stuff such as honey, fruits, or herbal ones but not crocodile dung. Though it is important for us women to beautify ourselves, we should know where to stop as well. I think using dung would be such a desperate move. (teehee, just sayin'! :D)

  7. Bonus:YeS! as long as it makes my eyes beautiful(--,)

  8. If i were an Egyptian living in 3500 BC, YES! , i would use crocodile dung as an ingredient of my mascara. If that's the only ingredient available for my mascara (in that time) & will not cause harm to my eyes and make my eyes as beautiful as it is, i will use it! although from the fact that the crocodile dung is used for contraceptive =)

  9. BONUS QUESTION: If I were an Egyptian living in 3500 BC, Yes, I would use crocodile dung as an ingredient of my mascara! :)

  10. Answer to bonus question:

    YES! Because i like the reasons why they use it! :)

  11. joined! thanks for the giveaway :D

  12. Bonus question: Sure! I drink alamid coffee which is from civet cats' poop so why not use crocodile dung for pretty peepers ;)


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