You're Invited: Save, Swap and Reduce Your “Fashion Footprint” in Style Swap

Hi everyone! I just want to invite you to a clothing swap happening this November - Style Swap!

It's happening this coming Saturday, November 12, 1-5 pm at Function Room 2, 29th floor, Union Bank Plaza, Meralco Avenue, Ortigas City. The venue is just right across Metrowalk.

Basically, in Style Swap, you can trade clothes and accessories with other participants, and sell your un-swapped items to fellow bloggers, followers and friends! The idea here is for you to look in your closet and take out the things that you no longer use or need. 

Style Swap will give you the opportunity to:

1. Get “new” clothes FOR FREE.
2. Sell your untraded goodies to your followers, fans, friends, and friends of friends!
3. Interact with the ladies you inspire through your art.
4. Donate any of your old possessions to charity. 

If you are interested in joining this event, then here are the dets :)

What to swap: 

Clothes, jewelry, bags, shoes and accessories that:
  • you adore, but simply aren’t “YOU”.
  • you’ve outgrown, or never really fit.
  • are no longer favorites.
  • deserve better loving by another fashionista. 
  • are clean (freshly laundered) and in very good condition.

Time to let go! ;]

How to swap:

1. Bring a minimum of 5 items you’d like to swap. 

2. Garments go through a screening process a week or 2 hours before the event.

3. Registration fee:
  • The Last Minutes (if you give swap-items at the event) - P100
  • The Early Birds (if you give swap items in October) - P50
  • The Empty-handeds (if you have no items for swapping) - P150

4. You will be given buttons in exchange for your items. Buttons will be used as currency during the event. 
  • Purple button - New clothes (with tags), bags and shoes
  • Pink button - Nearly new clothes (worn only once or twice), accessories
  • Yellow button - Gently worn clothes

You can still participate even if you don't have items to swap because you may buy additional buttons for the following prices:
  • Purple button - P100
  • Pink button - P50
  • Yellow button - P20

If you find yourself running out of buttons, you can just buy more :)

5. Now this is the best part. All unclaimed items will be donated to charity.

6. The Exception to the Rule: Bloggers may sell their “untraded” items during the event, for a chance to connect with their followers and share their special pieces to other girls.

So go rummage through your closet and organizers now to see if you have any items you'd like to let go of, and join this new shopping experience!

Send and e-mail to to confirm your attendance or if you have any questions or suggestions. :D


  1. Sis, san ako pwede dumaan na malayo sa traffic? Tsaka may parking lot ba dun?

  2. this is so cute!!

  3. Saan ka ba manggagaling? Nako, I'm not sure eh kasi di pa ako nakakapunta dun sa venue :)

  4. wa i want! kelan ka pupunta? :) 

  5. Nov 12! Sabay tayo? :) Magdadala ka ba ng anything? Hehe

  6. I super like the idea! Pde kaya more than 5 things to bring? I will be there for sure~

  7. Pwedeng pwede naman siguro :) More buttons! Hahaha. Yey! See you :)

  8. Nakapag email ka na? :D

  9. Nagconfirm na ako. Hope to see you there :)

  10. oh nice! i love beauty swapping :) im not very stylish so i cant take advantage of this event though haha


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