NOTD and Tutorial: Gold Gradient with a Touch of Green

I'm back with another nail tutorial! Woot! And you know me, I LOVE my gradients! So here is ANOTHER gradient design for you. Don't you ever get tired of seeing my gradient nails? *bats eyelashes* For me, gradients are the easiest to do :)

Nails of the day with San San nail polish in Precious Platinum, Bobbie nail creme in Chestnut, and Elianto nail color in Olive.

I think this gradient design is perfect for the holidays! If you want to know how to do this gold-green gradient on your nails, just keep on reading! :)

My original idea was to just use the platinum shade as base and then create a glittery tip by stamping a green polish on the tip. The result was a BIG failure but, fortunately, I was able to turn things around :) 

I used three different shades of nail polish for this design but you actually just need two.

  • A gold shade - preferably one that is not very opaque
  • A green shade - preferably one that has a hint of gold in it

1. Apply base coat of choice to protect your nails from being stained. I'm currently using the The Face Shop base coat.

2. Apply the gold shade as your base color. In my case, I chose to use a platinum shade as base. 

3. Stamp on the green polish on the upper two-thirds of the nail using a porous sponge/styrofoam.

4. Apply one to two coats of the gold color just to soften the harsh edges and to create the fading/gradient effect.

5. Apply top coat of choice to help the design last longer on your nails.

So easy, right? I think this will look good as a base for your holiday nail art designs! :)

I hope you try this! Let me know if you do and please show me pictures <3

Now it's your turn! Show me your nails! :D


  1. so cute! :) it is very easy too :)
    by the way i tag you on a blogger award :) 

  2. Michelle Grace MagrramoNovember 24, 2011 at 2:54 PM

    This is really nice. Where can I buy that styrofoam/sponge you used to achieve the gradient effect? 

  3. Thanks Aileen! Can you give the link so I can see? :D

  4. Thanks Michelle! I bought mine from Saizen but you can just use any porous styro you have there lying around :)

  5. OMG!! the gold gradiant is so pretty!! this is so perfect for the holidays coming up too!! i will def have to try this :)!

  6. Yey! I hope you do! Show me what you end up with! :D

  7. i'll do this aya babe!naaliw lang ako sa 'now it's your turn'  haha :P 

  8. Yeeeey! Go Charles! It's YOUR turn na! Hahahaha ;P


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