Giveaway Winners: 8 Ways to a Happy and Beautiful Christmas (Week 3)

It's Monday again! And you know what that means, right??? Time to announce the HBC giveaway winners!

Last week was all about the lips. Our lips, just like other parts of our skin, need taking care of. We all want soft and kissable lips, right? To keep my lips soft and smooth, I exfoliate them every now and then. You can buy lip scrubs for that, but why buy when you can make your own? To know how you can make your own lip scrubs, just click *here* and *here.* I also make sure to keep them moisturized by using a good lip balm, especially when I'm wearing drying lipsticks. BTW, I recently made a post about lip color and lip care, and you can check that out *here.* 

Now here are the Week-3 winners! :)

Congratulations to...

Ma. Elinor Semira


Neriza Bianes

HBC and I will send you ladies an e-mail and please respond to it ASAP.

This is just proof that if you keep on trying, you might just get what you want! Haha. Thanks to these ladies, too, for joining the past weeks' giveaways, too! :D

First of all, let me say thank you to all who joined and shared their secrets (err... secrets, no more) to kissable lips!

Here is Elinor's WINNING ANSWER!
My secret to kissable lips:
(1) I apply petroleum jelly or lip balm every night before bed
(2) I keep an extra toothbrush in hand and use it to lightly brush the surface of the lips every day to remove dead skin
(3) I always use a lip balm with SPF protection
(4) I avoid smoking
(5) I always drink water to keep my lips hydrated
(6) And the last trick is to smile bewitchingly! :)
You pretty much said it all, Elinor! And, of course, thank you for reminding us not only to moisturize and exfoliate, but also to smile (bewitchingly!) :D

And for the random selection of the other winner, I used Fruit Machine. There were a total of 25 participants and 105 valid entries. 

Here's Neriza's answer :)
My secret for having kissable lips is always putting on my handy dandy lip balm everytime i feel like my lips are getting chapped or dry, top it off with a nice shade of lipstick that complements the color of my skin tone and put on a seductive half smile to show off the vibrance and softness my lips.
I'm practicing the 'seductive' half smile now! Haha :]

Thank you very much to all those who joined the Week-3 giveaway! Please stay tuned for this week's giveaway, ok? The topic is nakakakilig! <3


  1. A good lipstick is a definite must-have.  You can never go wrong with red! @GlamKitten88 

  2. wow bongga. congrats elinor dami mo panalo sa week 3..meron din kay miss kat tska kumiko mae..

  3. wow i won!! thanks.. =)

  4. Yes! I hope they enjoy their new lippies :)


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