Giveaway Winners: 8 Ways to a Happy and Beautiful Christmas (Week 1)

Hi everyone! Thank you to everyone who joined the first week of HBC's holiday giveaway on my blog! 

I really enjoyed reading all of your hair stories! Thank you for all the tips! :D

You can have great-looking hair no matter what kind of hair you were born with - curly, wavy, straight, etc. We should never forget to take care of our hair because your hair is part of your entire look. My hair is so far from perfect but I want my hair to be soft, smooth and free from tangles and split ends. There are a lot of hair products, tools and treatments out there that can help you achieve the kind of hair that you want. Just remember to be careful in selecting and using products/tools/treatments as not all of them will work well for your hair. 

Now, here are the Week-1 winners! 

Congratulations to...

Katherine Sicat 


Leizle Demaisip

HBC and I will send you ladies an e-mail and please respond to it ASAP.

I mentioned in my previous post that there would be two winners each week - one with the best answer (selected by me) and one selected randomly.

Here's Kathie's winning answer :)
Unbelievable! Worst Bad Hair Day EVER today! No way was I going to let it ruin my whole day – too many places to go, people to see, things to do, stores to shop! 
I went to a beauty parlor one day before our company's out of the country seminar. The hairdresser hadn't given me the auburn highlights I wanted, she transformed me into an almost burgundy red-head. I shrieked in horror and told the hairdresser that she got it completely wrong. She seemed not to care and just said that this was a much better look. When she then shrugged and said "Sorry" as if she didn't even care about my looks had a complete melt-down. Eventually I calmed down and asked myself what it was that I was so upset about. Was the hair really so awful? Well it wasn't what I wanted, but it wasn't as bad at all. After all, hairdressers play an important role in supporting our self-image and you have to be able to trust them to make you feel good. My bad hair day ended up teaching me a lesson about establishing boundaries and not putting up with unacceptable behavior. 
VOILA!!! It came out Fabulously!!! NOW my day is back in control and moving in a positive direction – because, you know, if you feel good, you look good and when you look good you are FABULOUS! Next time you have a bad hair day – just say – this is just bad hair, and it’s not going to ruin my whole day! Do a quick do over and you’ll be ready to show the world your most fabulous you!
Thank you, Kathie, for sharing with us your hair nightmare which turned out to be not a total fiasco in the end! I can't remember anymore how many times I have left a parlor disappointed. Thank you for reminding us that we will eventually learn to live with whatever we end up with, and that just because it's not the style we originally wanted doesn't mean we look awful with it. Besides, the hairdressers wouldn't let us leave their parlor looking terrible. They shouldn't ;P

And for the random selection of the other winner, I used There were a total of 19 people who joined and there were 69 valid entries. I shuffled the names before picking the winner.

Here's Leizle's answer :)
What is great-looking hair for you? Share with us your most unforgettable hair nightmare and what you did to turn it around. Great-looking hair for me is the one with soft, silky and manageable hair and not the frizzy one. The most unfoegettable hair nightmare i experienced was when we attended a party and it happened our car was in the shop for repair. So we need to commute and turned my hair to super buhag-buhag & i can't manage to fix my hair while we're still in the jeepney because i'm carrying my super makulit baby boy. So when we arrived to the place, a friend told me "mahangin ba sa labas?". I was really embarass but instead i went to the comfort room & luckily i always have HP in my bag and fix my hair. =)
Thanks, Leizle, for reminding us to carry at least one hair product in our bag! That's gonna come in handy in the future, I'm sure :)

Again, congratulations to the winners! And don't feel bad if you didn't win this time! Remember, there are 7 more giveaways coming up!!! :D


  1. we chose the same winners pala. leizle din :D

  2. Thanks Ms. Aya and hbc =)
    Congrats to Leizle :)

  3. You're welcome! Check out the other giveaways too. There are 7 more to come :D


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