Review: Sigma Miss Taylor Retractable Flat Top Kabuki Brush

Hi everyone! I'm back with another review. You know how much I love my Sigma F80, right? Well, just imagine how excited I was when I found out that I won a Sigma retractable kabuki brush from Tracy's giveaway (Beauty Reflections)! Thanks, Tracy and, of course, Sigma! :D

It's the Sigma Miss Taylor brush.

Description (from Sigma): Get some Hollywood Glamour! The Hollywood Glamour Retractable Kabuki is the easiest way to apply powder products such as blush, bronzer, foundation, and highlighter on-the-go. Practical and classy, the Hollywood Glamour collection is a must! Featuring the synthetic sigmax fibers for high definition application.

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Here's what the brush looks like.

Compared to the F80, this brush, this one has shorter bristles and a larger head. They both feel equally soft to me, though, and that's good, of course :)

I like the packaging of this brush. It comes with its own cap and it's retractable, perfect for travelling. And the purple color is très chic!

I use this to apply powder foundation. The flat top is perfect for packing on and buffing foundation onto the skin. I use this brush now instead of a sponge. It's not scratchy too because the bristles are really soft. 

Thumbs up:
  • Really soft
  • For a travel-size brush, the brush head is large enough for my face
  • Dense enough to buff foundation onto the skin
  • Travel-friendly and chic packaging
  • No bleeding and shedding
  • No weird smell

Thumbs not-so-up:
  • Priced at ~P1065 which is expensive
  • Shipping to my area takes a month

I really like this brush, too! I don't use this as often as I use the F80, though, but that's just because I almost always use liquid foundation. Anyway, I hope you find this review helpful. This brush costs $25.00 (~P1065), exclusive of shipping fee, and you can get this online from Sigma's website. If you're interested in purchasing this brush or any other products from Sigma, please click *here.* Get a free gift with purchases above $30! Please use my affiliate link, ok? Thank you :)


  1. This seems nice! :) Although I'm thinking of buying face shop's brush. :D

  2. Haven't tried TFS brushes. Lemme know your thoughts about it if you're going to buy :D

  3. Hihi maybe we'll be able to collect lots of Sigma brushes through giveaways. LOL

  4. Expensive! O_O But I want one! :P

  5. Yeah. Fortunately there are a lot of Sigma giveaways. Hihi

  6. I really want to buy some sigmax brushes which are currently on sale but i've been holding it off until i get myself convinced that it's going to be a good investment. help! i've been wanting to buy the f82 and f84 combination.... it would cost me around $35 for both brushes, including shipping... should i buy it?

  7. I really wanna try Miss Taylor Sigma brush >___<

  8. what a pretty brush!  congrats!

  9. Congrats! we are lucky to win this beautiful brush!!! ayt ayt! haha apir!
    love this little cuteee purpleybrush

  10. Wow! galing naman. COngratulations aya!

  11. It's really nice . Hope you get to try it soon :)

  12. Hihi yeahhhhhhh! Kaya sali lang tayo ng sali :D

  13. Hi dear! I've only tried a couple of brushes from Sigma. But from what I've tried, I do think they are a good investment. By the way, I sent you an email re: your inquiry :)


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