Review: KKCenterHK False Eyelashes (ES A299)

Hey, hey! Ms. Maggie of KKcenterHK sent me another set of lashes. KKcenterHK is a Hong Kong-based online store that sells a variety of products like makeup items and tools, false eyelashes, wigs, nail tools and accessories, health and skin care tools, and even clothing items and fashion accessories. If you wanna know more about the brand, visit their website *here.*

These are the ES A299 Short Cross Natural False Eyelashes. They look similar to the ones we usually see in malls, right? I always choose lashes that look natural because my eyes are quite small and I don't want it to be very obvious that I'm wearing false eyelashes, especially since my lashes are naturally short.

Description (from KKcenterHK): 
  • False eyelashes come in a box packaging
  • 10 pairs in a box
  • Brand new in retail packaging
  • Make your eyes look bigger and attractive
  • Can be reused if you take them off properly
  • Suitable for any personage
  • Can be used for parties or for professional make-up
  • Price: 6.85 USD (311.68 PhP) per box (~P32.00 per pair)

What I think: These are perfect if you want longer but still natural-looking lashes. You may have to trim the band to a length that will fit your eyes. They feel very light and they don't weigh my lids down. The lashes are crisscrossed and the middle lashes are a bit longer than the inner and outer ones. They are naturally curled, too. They really blend well with the natural lashes. The strands are not stiff, and the band is flexible enough to make application easy. Even though the band is flexible, it's still quite durable. The band doesn't tear easily so these lashes can be used more than once (depending on how gentle you are in handling them, of course).

Here's what the lashes look on me. 

Note: I didn't curl my natural lashes and apply mascara before putting on the lashes but I suggest that you do for the lashes to blend well with your natural ones.

Now I have super long lashes. Fake lashes. Hihihi :)

Eyeliner used in the pics: ELF Waterproof Eyeliner Pen

As for the packaging, the lashes were sent to me neatly in a bubble-wrapped box.

I noticed that KKcenterHK updated their price list. Anyway, I was surprised to see that these lashes only cost approximately 32 PhP per pair! So affordable, right? If you're going to order, you have to factor in the shipping fee, though. You also have to wait for a few weeks for your package to arrive. It usually takes one month for my packages from other countries to arrive at the QC post office. Then I have to pick them up from there and pay a postal fee of P40.00 per package.

If you're interested in ordering this set, please use my affiliate link by clicking *here.* Thank you! And you can also get a 10% discount by using the coupon code that I posted in my post *here.*

Have you tried KKcenterHK lashes before? They're pretty nice, right? :)

Disclaimer: Product was sent by the company for review but the views and opinions expressed in this post are purely mine and based on my own experience with the product.


  1. Aya, I was super excited to see the lashes on you! Though sad I did not see a full frontal view! I'm sure you just looked pretty! - Mar

    Your Ordinary Beauty Queen

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  2. Hahaha I was about to sleep when I took the pics. So I was all haggard and all already. Thanks Mar :)

  3. Very affordable lashes. Though it's shameful on my part to not really know how to put false lashes on... hihi... :D

  4. They look great on you bb~ ^^ idk about it being cheap as I have seen it cheaper on eBay, but they've got a bigger variety of lashes and much cheaper wigs

  5. Oooh really? I haven't tried shopping for lashes on eBay yet :D

    Thanks Jennifer :)

  6. Yep, P32! I was surprised coz the other lashes I got from them were priced at around P60 per pair. I'm not a pro too when it comes to eyelashes. I rarely wear them coz I'm so lazy to put them on. haha

  7. Me too! I am lazy to put those things... :)) *apirrr*

  8. I just found cheaper ones for bottom lashes I bought off BornPrettyStore for $8.95 and found it on ebay for $2.99 D:

  9. pretty lashes!! I wanna try it too >__<

  10. Oooh I hate when that happens! But at least now we know where to look next time :D

    Thanks for sharing, btw :)

  11. Yey, go ahead dear! I'm sure they'd look great on you :)


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