Il Mercanti Food Bazaar

Hi, everyone! If you follow me on Twitter, then you would know that I recently met up with fellow bloggers at the Il Mercanti Food Bazaar. It has just opened a few weeks ago and I became really excited when I found out from Genn that we had been invited to eat there!
The bazaar is located at Metrowalk, Ortigas, near the parking area. It's a large open area under white tents, and inside are food stalls and dining tables.

I was overwhelmed by all the food choices! I swear, I wanted to try them all! Cakes and desserts, sushi, giant isaw, baked scallops, lechon, and many many more!

More pictures!

More cakes! 
Bacon-wrapped hungarian sausage
Giant isaw and other "street" food 
Huge servings of shawarma rice and sisig
Cute stuffed tomatoes :)
Mixed rice from Luigi's.
I tried their Braised Beef rice and it's really tasty :D
More desserts! 
Buttered pork from Cusina Marina 
Corndog :P
They also have pizzas, pastas, burgers and all that good stuff :)

I got buttered pork with braised beef rice, a corndog and iced tea.

Braised beef rice... really tasty!

It was my first time to eat a corndog! Hihihi ;P

Then I took home a slice of pandan cake topped with cream cheese and fresh mangoes from MedChef. It's said to be one of MedChef's bestsellers.

Pandan cake from MedChef
It's REALLY delicious!

I sooooo enjoyed my late dinner at the Il Mercanti food bazaar. Not only is the food delicioso, it's also affordable! So if you are up for a late night food trip, try to go there! They're open Wednesdays to Saturdays, 7pm-6am.

Thank you so much to the organizers of the Il Mercanti bazaar for the invitation and the gift certificates :)

And, of course, I wouldn't leave without getting my picture taken with Ms. Connie Sison, would I? She's one of the bazaar organizers :)

I also had fun with my fellow bloggers, of course!

L-R: Rache (Fashionistarchitect), Tin (Ohhthat! by Tin), Jen (Shopgirl Jen), Genn (My Little Corner),  Tiffie (Tiffiefum Invasian), Aya (Codename AYA), Angel (Wonder Woman Rises), Kai (Kai Sensei's Brew of the Day), Kei (Kei's Lifestyle Closet), Gellie, (So Gelleesh)
Our supposed theme was "pink lips" so we all had to wear pink lipsticks. Everyone was talking about Genn's lipstick! It's a long-wearing lippy from In2it and it indeed stayed put on her lips the whole night, even after eating. Gonna get one soon :)

It was nice to see Gellie, Genn, Rache, Kai, Jen and her daughter Sofi again! And I finally got to meet Tiffie! I also got to meet new people - Kei, Angel and Tin :)

'Twas a really fun night despite the heavy rain. I will definitely go back to Il Mercanti and eat some mooooore :D

For more pictures, please visit my Facebook page by clicking *here.* Toodles! :)


  1. I looove the posing in front of the big fan lol

  2. wow...nakkgutom... ^_^

  3. I've always wanted to try mercato and food bazaars like this! Now all the more do I want! hehe thanks for sharing!

  4. looks like u girls had tons of fun! grabe super evil ang mga food

  5. I super love the first picture! Pwedeng banner ng IL Mercanti! Hope to see you again soon Aya and Congratulations again! mwah! :)

  6. Hihi this was my first time to go to a food bazaar! And I'm definitely going back :D

    Hope you can try to sometime soon :)))

  7. Hahaha! I smell someone who's on a diet :D

  8. Thanks Jen! Say hi to Sofi for me :D

    Nagugutom nga ako pag tinitingnan ko ung picture! Haha

  9. Grabe Red Velvet Cake from MedChef on my mind, plus the giant isaw! I wanna go back soon! And the lipstick! Yeah! Will blog about it soon! After my Where have I been series~ LOLS! Thanks Aya for coming! <3

  10. Ako giant isaw parin! I wanna try that next!

    Will wait for your post about the lipstick :D

  11. wow!must try!kailangan ko dalin dyan ang mag-ama ko na parehong mahilig sa foods!want the blueberry cheeecake, sushi, and the giant isaw! siguradong sulit!=)

    Thanks for the post sis!;-)

  12. YEAH! I'm sure mageenjoy kayo :)

  13. Oh my goodness, so many pictures of yummy food!

  14. Nicee! Finally met you!!!;)

    By the way, can I grab our photos? hihi thanks in advance! :">

  15. yumyumyum!!! :)  i like your food pics.. so delish

  16. Yep! I go hungry everytime I look at them. Haha


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