Haul: Mostly Necklaces

I've been feeling weird lately, like I'm missing something. And then it hit me... I haven't posted a haul post for quite a while now! Sooooo, here's one. These are some of the stuff I got this month so far.

Nivea Pure & Natural Wipes
Nivea Express Hydration Body Lotion
Nivea Pure & Natural Action deo spray in Jasmine Scent
Caronia nail polish in Touch of Tan - ~P40
ELF Eyebrow Kit in 81301 (light) - P249.75
Maybelline Clear Smooth All-in-One Shine Free Foundation in Honey (refill) - P149.00
Bead necklaces (light green, light pink, purple, white) - P35 each
Layered necklace - P100

I got these Nivea items from Louise because I joined her giveaway. She was nice enough to send something to everyone who joined her giveaway. So sweet of her to send me stuff even though I didn't win :D

I am loving the lotion and the deo spray so far. Haven't tried the wipes yet. I have yet to finish my current pack.Thanks, Louise!

Then I bought these necklaces from one of my favorite online accessories stores, Eve Temptations. They had a big sale recently and when I saw the bead necklaces being sold for P35 each, I just had to get every color available! I got a layered necklace, too :)

Then I finally bought a brow kit. I used to ignore my brows but I'm trying to pay attention to them now. 

I also got the new Maybelline foundation refill.

I've been hearing a lot of good things about this product so I decided to try it out. I've just run out of my favorite Ever Bilena powder  foundation, anyway :)

I got mine in the shade Honey. So far I am happy with this.

Lastly, I got a neutral shade of nail polish from Caronia. I'm trying to veer away from my usual colorful polishes.

I posted a swatch of this nail polish already. Just click *here* if you wanna see that :)

And that's it for this haul! Have you tried these products before? Lemme know what you think of them, ok? :D


  1. nice haul :D u got nadin the Maybelline hihi. i want to color me nails nude too :P oh i cant wait for ur elf kit review :"> im bad with eyebrows thinggy
    it also happened to me like ive been missing something, 3 weeks straight i did not shop O_O and last sunday i finally did a little shopping hehe

  2. nice haul sis! sna bongga din ako makapag haul tulad mo.. haha..:)

  3. my moms fave.. TOUCH OF TAN.. while i love the TOUCH OF BEIGE

  4. oh i love the necklaces! :) nice haul aya! 

  5. nice haul! love the necklaces. =))

  6. I have that maybelline foundie too and already hit the pan! nice haul sis.

  7. I love that maybelline powder! Especially the coverage, though it feels a bit hot and heavy on the skin, especially on super humid days :p

    Those necklaces are pretty cute by the way :D

  8. Yeah! Ubos na ung EB powder foundie ko eh. Hihi So far I am loving it!

    And right! Nakakamiss magshopping :D

  9. Hahaha define bongga. Thanks dear!

  10. Thanks Jackie! Glad you like them :)

  11. I am loving it so far! I might purchase the not-refill one just for the mirror. HAHA

  12. Thanks dear! So far I'm loving the powder... esp the coverage :D

  13. Hello Sis! Mahilig ka rin pala mamili ng accessories. Diko pala naMention sayo before na meron din akong online Jewelry store. If you're interested in checking out some of my items, you can find some of my handmade charms at The photos are also posted on Maibeada Accessories on Faceboook. Let me know if something catches to your liking. ;)

  14. Oooooh thanks for the link Mai! Will check out your store :) I buy accessories once in a while :D

  15. well, well... someone's been hauling again. :p
    great buys dear aya hahaha! :D i hope everything works well for you. ^_^

  16. ELF eyebrow kit is nice aya. I had the darl color nga lng kasi naubusan sila before ng lighter shade e. And will try the nivea wipes nga , i am using kasi giggles e. 

  17. Thanks Aya! Btw.. I saw one of your post on the nude nail polish.. been looking for that color for so long! BUti na lang may local nyan ;)

  18. Yep! No prob :) i wanna get more nude shades pa nga eh :)

  19. Hahahaha Hello Sugar! So far they are :D

  20. Yeah, I'm liking it so far :) The SA suggested the light shade for me kasi raw my brows are dark na naman :)


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