Haul: Usual Mall Rounds

Heeeey! I find myself spending a lot of time in malls lately. This has got to stop. 

I was doing my usual rounds at the mall a couple of weeks ago and picked up some stuff. Also included in this post are the stuff I bought when I met up with fellow bloggers last week.

Yeah, I know it looks like I bought a lot but I didn't, really. Psshhh. The two large bags at the back contain the (huge) organizers I bought. Ok, they're not that huge but they gave me a hard time commuting O_O

Read on to see what's inside the shopping bags :)

Hortaleza Professional Cuticle Remover - P 19.00
The Face Shop Nail Base Coat - P 95.00
Paganini Eyeshadow Brush - P 29.75
Cosmetic puffs - P 9.75
Bobby pins - P 7.95

During the blogger meet-up, I bought these.

Flat-beaded layered necklace - P 79.95
Wrap-around bracelet - P 69.75
Aido Classic Lipstick in shade N - P 50.00
Ever Bilena Pro Lipstick with Shimmer in Burgundy Shine - P 125.00

I also bought these rubber flats from a shoe stall. Just something for me to use when the ground's all wet because of the rain. I know these wouldn't protect my feet from the rain but they're easier to clean than my other flats so...

P 180.00
Also took advantage of the sale and bought these two organizers. 

L: P 135.00
R: P 195.00
I use the blue one for my makeup, and the black one for my nail polishes.

I also bought some clothes but they're in the hamper right now.

One other important thing I bought was the TFS base coat. Many of you suggested this base coat in my post *here* so I figured it must be really good.

And I saw this brush in Landmark. I got it because I didn't have one like it yet. It's an angled eyeshadow brush. It's a decent brush. Really inexpensive, too. I saw some other brushes from Paganini but decided to get just this one. 

I also got a Barbie pink lipstick from Aido and a burgundy one from Ever Bilena. EB has a new line of lippies out. These lippies, unlike their well-raved matte lipsticks, are moisturizing. They have lip balms inside, as you can see.

L: Ever Bilena Burgundy Shine
R: Aido Classic N
Loving the EB one so far.

So that's it for the last part of my August haul. Can't believe it's September already. Only two more weeks before my board exam. Soooo, bye for now. Gotta study :)))

Shoutout to my friend (who, by the way, also makes my fab blog headers)... Happy birthday, Cream Puff :)


  1. This has got to stop- raiiisssiiinnggg my eyebrows, LOL! you're my fav HAUL QUEEN!:)) xox

  2. I remember having an aido lippie in red and hotpink,both of them is nice to wear and affordable and i think i'll be needing that organizer too.

  3. HAHA! I KNOOOW, I'm raising my own eyebrows! LOL :D

  4. They were on sale! I was happy to find a decent one that's not so expensive. I wanted to get two of the 4-stack organizer but I was alone so walang tagabitbit. Haha

  5. I think i need a bigger storage like that. I wanna say that to myself too. This has got to stop. Hehe

  6. i like the organizers Aya! I should really buy 2 of those for myself! :)

  7. wow..I love the lipstick's shades..both are fantastic, 

  8. HAUL QUEEN fits you perfectly Aya! I like those organizers you've got~ 

  9. now you need to fill up those drawers with new makeups! more hauls please! hahaha :D

  10. nice haul!!!!! I really want to get a new container for my make up too >.<

  11. Nice haul! I also got that same organizer in black and I'm love with it them. I got mine from SM when it was on sale for Php100.00 though and I ended up buying 3! haha

  12. Go! I wanna buy more, too. One's not enough for my stuff :)

  13. HAHA k I'll stop hauling now. :P

  14. Haha. They're not even enough for all my stuff. I think I have to get another one. :]

  15. Thanks! Go ahead. Organizing makeup is... fun. Hahaha

  16. Whoa, it's less expensive there ah. I hope they become on sale again :)

  17. Ang cute nung base coat ng TFS. <3 

    Hmmm... Naalala ko lalagyan ko ng makeup sa haul mo. Natawa tuloy ako kasi siksikan sila lahat. :))

  18. love the lippies you bought, been looking for reviews for the EB pro lipstick w/shimmer. =)

  19. I know, right? It's fenk <3

    Haha yung sakin medyo siksikan na rin. Parang kulang pa. hahahaha

  20. Thanks! Will try to post a review soon :D

  21. Nice haul!  Aido Classic lipstick is a pretty shade~ 

    Love your new header hun! 

  22. aya!I WANT EVERYTHING!!i want to try aido!!san un??:))

  23. Fashion 21! :D Usually un ung nasa "other side" ng counters ng Fashion 21 :)))

  24. I have Aido lippie din po.I bought it for 25 pesos kasi 50% off sya nu nsa Gale :) in shade like parang maorange na golden, hehe nakalimutan ko na po yung color eh. I'm going to try that pagaini brush, okay po ba ang texture ng brush? mura ksi eh parang naeengganyao ako. Looking forward to your review bout the brush. I just followed your blog nga po pala :) Salamat po ;) Much love here - Jenny

  25. Hi Jenny! Thank you so much for reading :D

    The angled brush naman, it's not the softest brush around but it's ok for the price! Inexpensive but does the job :)))


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