Review: Ever Bilena Mousse Eyeshadow

Hi everyone! In my post *here* I shared that I bought three different shades of mousse eyeshadow from Ever Bilena when they were on sale for P99 each. I don't know if they're still on sale now but I think the regular price is P125. Ever since I watched Blair Fowler used a MAC Big Bounce Shadow in her tutorial *here,* I became  more interested in cream and cream-like products and wanted one myself. I already have a cream shadow duo from ELF in the shade Black Licorice but I don't use that very often because the shade doesn't suit my everyday makeup look.

Anyway, so I got three of the shades available. I'm not sure how many shades are available but I got three - Opal, Amber and Rose Quartz. 

Read on to know what I think of these eyeshadows! :)

I had to get a brown one, of course, because neutral's my go-to eye makeup look. Then I bought a pink one because pinks are also ones I frequently reach out for. Also got a silver one because I thought I could use it on any color theme. I was actually planning on getting more than three but I was able to stop myself. I'm kind of the impulsive-shopper type and I easily get drawn to lovely shades or cute packaging.

Here's what they look like.

L-R (with flash): Opal, Amber, Rose Quartz
L-R (without flash): Opal, Amber, Rose Quartz
And here are the swatches...

L-R: Opal, Amber, Rose Quartz

  • Opal - silver with shimmer
  • Rose Quartz - soft pink with shimmer
  • Amber - copper brown with shimmer

I'm on the fence with these products. Among these three, I like Amber the most. It's really easy to blend and gives an even finish. It doesn't dry out easily and the pigmentation is nice, too. Opal is a bit sheer but the texture is like that of Amber - easy to blend and doesn't dry out easily. Rose Quartz is also a bit sheer and I don't know if I just got a bad jar but Rose Quartz has a drier texture and it's not as pigmented as I want it to be. This one is hard to apply because of the texture and it needs to be blended well quickly or else you'll get a really uneven or blotchy finish.

Among the three I have, Amber is the one I reach out for most often. Opal is ok too, but I'd like it better if the color were more even. I don't like Rose Quartz at all. The shade is nice but it's not as pigmented as I want it to be and it's hard to apply.

  • Works nicely as eyeshadow base
  • Some shades are easy to apply and blend and have decent pigmentation
  • Doesn't crease on me
  • Lasts long on my lid
  • Inexpensive. I got these on sale for P99 each. Regular price is P125, I think.
  • Widely available

No likey:
  • Inconsistency in texture and pigmentation of different shades - Some shades are more sheer than others, and Rose Quartz is drier in texture and difficult to blend, resulting in an uneven and blotchy finish

So all in all I really like Amber but I can live without the other two shades. I might go and check the other shades out to see if they're as nice as Amber.

Have you tried these mousse eyeshadows from Ever Bilena? How are the other shades working for you? :)


  1. I'm happy you like Amber too. I love it! Teena said it's the only decent one out of the bunch, but I'm really planning on buying Opal.

  2. I only have Amber and I havent used it yet. got it on sale too ^^, thanks for the review! -er

  3. Opal looks super pretty.

    I haven't used the eyeshadows, but I love the mousse blushes from Ever Bilena. =))

  4. Groovy! Thanks for the review! Glad to know how this thing worked out for you Aya. I'll be sure to add the amber to my make up collection, there's been a lot of good response here to this specific product! Cheers hun! - Mar

    Your Ordinary Beauty Queen

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    H&M Leather Bands Giveaway, 3 Winners too!

  5. Yep I like it! Glad I saw it in your haul video. Hihi 

  6. Yey, I'm sure you'll like it too :)

  7. Ohhh, I wanna try the blushes too! :)

  8. Yeah, I hope all the other shades are as nice as Amber :)

  9. Yup, seems like it's the best from all the shades available :)

  10. thumbs up for amber :D

  11. nice review too bad about the pigmentation but you could use it as your base or primer :)

  12. I like Amber as well. Shame about the other two being mediocre!

  13. kelangan talaga may pink aya? haha! :) i haven't tried this but anything that has mousse on it attracts me! :D

  14. Yup, that's what I use them for. They work nicely as base :D

  15. Yeah :( I hope others are like Amber :)

  16. interesting, ive never tried mousse eyeshadows before....


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