NOTD and Tutorial: Green Jelly Gradient Nails

Hey everyone! I feel like I haven't blogged in years! Anyway, I'm back to show you my nails last week. 

They remind me of the Nestle KIMY Apple-flavored Jelly Tongue. Do you remember that jelly treat? I miss that! There's only one flavor available now and sadly, it's not the apple flavor :(

Nails of the day with San San Soleil nail polish in Moss Green, Elianto nail color in Lime Green, and Wish green-based glitter nail color.

I'm a fan of gradient nail designs, if you haven't noticed. This design is really really easy to do. It took me less than 30 mins to do all my nails! Read on to know how I did it :)

The technique I used is a combination of the brush and the sponge techniques (posts *here* and *here*).

First thing you need to do is to decide on a color theme. In this case, I went for a green-themed gradient but of course you can choose whatever you like. I used two nail polishes to create the gradient effect - one that is sheer for the base color, and a frosted one for the tips. You can also choose different green polishes to create the gradient.

To create the gradient effect, follow these steps:
  1. Apply your favorite base coat to protect the nails from being stained. I am currently using a base coat from TFS :)
  2. Take a sheer nail polish and apply it on the whole nail as base color. Sheer polishes work really well for gradient nails. Opaque polishes wouldn't work as well.
  3. Take the same polish and apply it only on the upper two-thirds of the nail. You can choose to use a different green polish, one that is darker, for this step too. Application doesn't need to be perfect. The less perfect, the less harsh the edges would be, the better the gradient would look.
  4. Take the same sheer polish (or yet another darker polish) and apply it only on the upper third of the nail.
  5. Take a slightly shimmery or frosted nail polish and apply it on the tip of the nail using a sponge. Keep the color just on the tip. Sponge gradient tutorial here:
  6. Take a glitter polish and apply it on the upper part of the nail to lessen the harsh edges and add sparkle to the design.
  7. Apply your favorite top coat. I'm currently using a top coat from TFS :)

Refer to the step-by-step pics below :)

Click to enlarge
See how the gradient effect is starting to show up step after step? :)

It took a week before my nail polish started chipping. That's already a good wear for me :)

You gonna try this? Let me know and show me pictures, ok? :) It's really easy, right? I'm thinking of sporting a pink-themed gradient next time :)

What about you, what's on your nails this week? :)


  1. Cool beans! Good job with the gradient effect!:)

  2. this looks so cute!

    reminds me of claire's mood polish in earthy i think^_^

  3. Thank you :)))

    Earthy/Happy? I looked it up online and you're right!! :D

  4. Thank you!!! :D Gradients are my fave nail designs :)

  5. It looks cute and well made! :D

  6. good job!! thank u for sharing :)

  7. wow! i so love it! sana mgling din ako mag gnyan ng nails hahaha

  8. Looks neat and yummy!

  9. So jello-like! My fave nail art.tutorial from you so far. :)

  10. CUTE!! Love the bright green gradient! Reminds me of lemon and lime. ^^

  11. Oh my goodness! You did a great job. I know you said it's not a lot of work, but it looks like the kind of thing someone would spend a lot of time of. In other words, even if it's quick, it looks high effort.

  12. Looks like a green apple :)

  13. Aww thank you! I was surprised myself that it took me so little time to finish this. Hihi

  14. thanks for the tut aya! your nails remind me of jello hahaha! xD

  15. You always seem to do lovely gradient nail art =)

  16. Galing galing ni aya. While do nail art na nga e, so bored na sa plain polishes lang e

  17. RIGHT!!! I wanna eat them! Haha next time I'll try red para jelly na jelly talaga

  18. yay!! i super love that shade!!! ganda!

  19. Thaaaanks :D Di ako masyadong nagggreen but this one turned out nicely :)

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