My Caronia Nail Polish Collection

Hey, hey! Remember in my post *here* I mentioned that Caronia has this monthly promo on their website. For the month of August, they asked the participants to share their Caronia nail polish collection through a video and pick their top 5 shades. I planned to join and even filmed a video for it but I wasn't able to submit it before the deadline because I didn't have time to. Anyway, I still wanna share it with you so here goes :)

Here are all my nail polishes from Caronia.

I don't think my collection is SO huge like "I'm obsessed"-huge but I do think that I have a lot of nail polishes for an ordinary person (if that makes sense at all). Anyway, most of my Caronia nail polishes are from the frosted line and I'm gonna show them all to you now :)

First let me tell you what I like about Caronia nail polishes. 
  • Availability - They're widely available! You can get them from almost all drugstores and supermarkets. 
  • Price - Being a local brand and all, Caronia polishes are super affordable and super less expensive compared to foreign polish brands. I mean, I almost never use the same shade twice so I don't find the need for me to spend a lot of money for something that I'm only gonna use once. 
  • Shade range -  The shades are really nice, from frosted to regular polishes.

But, of course, I do have some problems with Caronia polishes, too.
  • Staining - I find that Caronia nail polishes and those from other local brands like Bobbie and Cherry stain my nails big time. If you wanna avoid staining but still wanna use nail polishes, I suggest you get a really good base coat. I'm currently using the The Face Shop base coat.
  • Inconsistency in formula - Some shades are really easy to apply but some shades are just a pain to put on because of the formula. This is the reason why I like their frosted polishes better than the regular ones. The frosted polishes, for me, are generally easier to apply and not streaky compared to the regular ones.

Anyway, so here are my Caronia nail polishes. Read on for info and swatches! :)

Let's start with my blue and green shades.

L-R: Dare, Goddess, Bliss, Mint Frost
  • Dare - metallic blue shade with a hint of green
  • Goddess - metallic green shade with a hint of yellow
  • Bliss - sheer metallic baby blue shade, perfect for gradient nails
  • Mint Frost - frosted apple green shade

And, of course, I have pink shades...

L-R: Sunset, Pink Frost, Posh, Pink Passion, Chestnut
  • Sunset - orange-based glitter top coat with multicolored shimmer
  • Pink Frost - frosted orange shade
  • Posh - frosted soft pink shade
  • Pink Passion - frosted hot pink shade
  • Chestnut - frosted maroon shade

And some more shades...

L: Crystal
R: Golden Sun
  • Crystal - sheer pearl shade with tiny glitters
  • Golden Sun - gold shade with multicolored shimmer
  • Peach Blossom - sheer lilac shade with tiny glitters

I forgot to take a pic of Peach Blossom. 

Anyway, the last items are from the Sweet Bliss collection, which is Caronia's summer 2011 collection.

L-R: Baby Pink, On the Go, Summer Fling, First Crush, Sun Kissed, Sweet Surprise

Click to enlarge
If I were to choose my top five shades from the ones I own, I'd pick the following.
  • Dare - It's my first fave from Caronia.
  • Bliss - It's PERFECT for gradient nails!
  • Golden Sun - I'm loving gold shades right now.
  • First Crush - I really really really like this shade :)
  • Sunset - It's my fave glitter top coat.

So that's it! Here's the video I filmed. Please watch it if you have time. :D

If you wanna see my other nail polishes, and if you're interested to see how I store my nail polishes and tools, let me know! :D


  1. I only have two caronia Polishes- On the Go and Sweet Surprise. Thanks for sharing your collection, Aya. I wanna try Bliss so I can try gradient Nail polishes too! ^__^

  2. All the colors you own look so great together! Too bad we only have 10 fingers and 10 toes - I think a mani/pedi with your whole collection would look super cute <3

  3. Gorgeous colors <3 Love ur collection!!!!

  4. It's perfect for gradient nails coz it's sheer. You can just use any sheer polish :D

  5. I also feel like i own a lot of nail polish for a regular person, hahaha

  6. lovely collection :)
    the shades are gorgeous!!!

  7. This is the reason why I love your blog Ayababes! You feature local brands that are available around the metro. I love this post too! Wooooot!

  8. Oh wow, the colours look AMAZING. However, where i live, i've NEVER heard nor seen any of these =/ Hopefully I can get my hands on these one day ^^ they look great! Lovely collection! I hope you can enter their next promotion on time! :3

  9. i'm trying to swatch my nail polishes na pero i need another plate. kulang isa. haha! try ko nga per brand like this. haha! gayahin kita. haha! :P

  10. Grabe girl tinalo moko mas madami ung sayo!

  11. Haha! Right. But I also feel like I still don't have A LOT.

  12. It's a local brand :) I've actually won in one of their promos before. But I still wanna join. Hihi

  13. Haha the things we bloggers go through. :P

    Yey, looking forward to seeing your collection! :)

  14. You must love Caronia and a loyal one :) I wish Watson's in SM Clark would offer more Caronia shades :( Sunset is my favorite glitter top coat, I usually use it if I have black nail polish on :)

  15. I only own one - Clear. Haha! You have a lot of their polishes and pretty ones too! My eyes were drawn to the greens. :)

  16. awesome collection sis,, :) is gradient nails hard to do? would be searching for videos nga

  17. wow ang dami!!! great collection sis!! love the gradient sis!!

  18. what a collection!! *O* I dun even have one, lollll 8D

  19. It's really simple! I have already posted a tutorial way way back :D 


  20. Thank you! Padami pa nang padami ito. Haha

  21. Haha! But have an awesome makeup collection! :D

  22. Yeah, I never realized that 'til I saw the pics. Haha

  23. I used the Carnia Dare and my colleagues found it so eye catching. 

    You're so cute in the video pala! 

  24. i agree, the formulation of caronia isn't consistent. but i love 'em anyways because of its' affordability and availability :) 

  25. Sunset really nice! It has decent amount of glitters and I like that the glitters are multicolor :D

  26. Right, it's eye catching, indeed! :D Thanks Mai :D

  27. Yeah! That's why I'm kinda hesitant to get shades from the regular line. But true, so affordable :D

    This is like a dream come true. @GlamKitten88 

  29. hi! i live in singapore! so no caronia nail polish down here! btw, im half philippino, half chinese. seeing this blog post, i will definitely look out for caronia nail polishes in philippines when i go there on december! any places in quezon city(dont know how to spell) where i can get them?:) thanks. 

  30. Hi dear! Nice to meet you:) You can get them from almost all drugstores, grocery stores and supermarkets. If you go to SM, check the Department Store or any Watsons outlets. They always have Caronia there :))) And don't worry, you spelled it correctly... Quezon City. Hihi :D

  31. Hahaha! I wonder when I'm gonna get tired of nail polishes :/ Will that day ever come?

  32. im really amazed im not alone in adoring nail polish haha :) ur collection are so also a fan of nail polish actually i already have 35 pieces of different colors of it...and still im not satisfied..hehe !! but im not bothered im using it in my costumers cos im a keep it up..hope ur collection gets more and more thanks :))) !!!!

  33. sorry it titit :)))


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